Attorney Aaron T. Blase Wins Challenging Phoenix/Vancouver Child Relocation Case

Phoenix family law attorney Aaron T. Blase wins Maricopa Superior Court case allowing child to relocate with mother from Phoenix, Arizona, to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Online PR News – 18-February-2011 – – PHOENIX, Ariz. -- In a recent child relocation case involving two countries, Attorney Aaron T. Blase represented the mother of the minor child at the heart of the case. A Maricopa County Superior Court Judge granted the mother’s request to relocate her son to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

“This was a challenging case, from everyone’s perspective,” said Blase. “Relocating a child from Phoenix, Arizona, to Vancouver, British Columbia, is no small matter -- this was a significant victory.” When the parties were unable to resolve the relocation issue between themselves, “we knew only vigorous litigation would win relocation for the mother.” After oral argument on January 11, the Court decided it was in the best interests of the child to remain in the mother’s primary care, at least for the time being. The child will move to Vancouver to live with his mother and step-father.

“There was no evidence that my client was motivated by bad faith, or was trying to gain advantage over child support, nothing like that,” said Blase. “Relocating the child to Vancouver with his mother wasn’t going to adversely effect the child’s needs, emotionally, physically, or otherwise. My client presented a stable environment for the child, and we were able to convey that to the Court.”

The Court also noted that the economic conditions in Vancouver surpassed those of the Southwest Valley. The mother and her new husband will earn substantially more, which will certainly benefit the child. “This is a better situation for everyone,” continued Blase. “The child’s father, here in Arizona, has been granted extensive parenting time. And my client will pay a substantial portion of the travel expenses related to that visitation. This really is a good decision, and in the best interests of the child.”

Attorney Aaron T. Blase [] is a family law practitioner at the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, pllc. Admitted to practice in Arizona, Colorado, and Kansas, Blase is a seasoned litigator with over 16 years of family law experience in divorce, domestic violence, visitation, and modifications.

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