LiveVox Deploys Predictive Dialer Account Penetration Analytics

Hosted Predictive Dialer provider delivers tools to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of outbound calling campaigns

Online PR News – 18-February-2011 – – San Francisco, CA ( onlineprnews ) February 17, 2011 – LiveVox Inc., the leading provider of cloud contact center solutions, today announced the release of its account penetration analytics for predictive dialer calling campaigns. Better visibility into account penetration is important to all call centers but especially important for those with large outbound portfolios who need the ability to understand when dialing on the same accounts starts to yield diminishing returns.

Penetration rates are often a challenging KPI, because they require the integration of account detail data that typically reside in the billing system and call result data from the dialer. These reports can be produced but often require manual, custom reporting projects with a business analyst. Given the time and expense, call centers may analyze penetration periodically but not with the frequency to keep pace with changing conditions.

“LiveVox continues to enhance its platform with the analytics that our clients need to drive contact priorities and campaign strategies,” said Louis Summe, Chief Executive Officer, LiveVox. “Our cloud platform enables LiveVox to organize real-time campaign results across the multi-site contact center environment. Our development model is to continue to build reporting based specifically to client needs.”

LiveVox offers extensive analytics as part of its integrated predictive dialer, ACD, and IVR platform. Reports are accessible to clients on demand or a scheduled basis to provide critical information on KPIs at an enterprise level as well as by location, program and agent group.

Features of the LiveVox Business Analytics Suite:

- Centralized and secure access point to view real-time and historic contact center analytics regardless of agent workgroup location;
- Integration with disparate CRM systems used by clients across a multi-site environment;
- Data available from as broad as the enterprise level to as granular as the productivity of individual agents;
- Data provided electronically in virtually any format, frequency or accumulation specified;
- Report access can be controlled and customized with the LiveVox role-based security GUI.

In July, LiveVox announced analytics updates that included contact rate analytics, time zone contact comparisons, workgroup productivity comparisons and additional dashboards for visual representations of call result data.

“Penetration is a great way to manage the right amount of effort put into an outbound portfolio, since both too much and too little are big problems. ” said John McNamara, Chief Marketing Officer, LiveVox. “Whether to comply with client penetration demands, compliance concerns or to determine the point of diminishing returns during call attempts, these types of analytics deliver actionable data around calling strategy rather than repeatedly calling the same numbers without a plan. Agent screen pop is not where integration ends. The dialing system and the account management system must marry data elements to deliver real-time penetration.”

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LiveVox is the leading provider of cloud contact center solutions. LiveVox offers an integrated predictive dialer, ACD, IVR, call recording and business analytics. The patented, fully burstable LiveVox platform utilizes carrier IP/MPLS networks and delivers multi-site deployment, routing and controls. LiveVox is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit .