Emerging Nuclear Power Countries and its Potential Market for the IRIS Design

Bharatbook.com added a new report on "Emerging Nuclear Power Countries: Potential Market for the IRIS Design" which gives Top level market sizing information for the nuclear energy industry.

Online PR News – 07-November-2009 – – Emerging Nuclear Power Countries: Potential Market for the IRIS Design

The International Reactor Innovative and Secure (IRIS) belongs to the small and medium reactor category developed by an international team of nuclear industry led by Westinghouse Electric, LLC. It has several applications ranging from power generation, district heating, and desalination and cogeneration purposes. The IRIS reactor has unique features of enhanced safety, cost competitiveness and simpler operation procedures, offering enormous benefits to nuclear power plant operators. With these advanced features, the reactor design can potentially tap the emerging nuclear power markets. The design also addresses the concerns on huge capital outlays and safety issues associated with large reactor designs in emerging markets. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Emerging-Nuclear-Power-Countries-Potential-Market-for-the-IRIS-Design.html )


- Top level market sizing information for the nuclear energy industry
- Analysis of the potential market for the IRIS design
- Advantages of the IRIS reactor and its adoption in emerging nuclear markets

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