Stanley Lewis features Men’s Designer Cufflinks made with Intaglio, Cabochon and Jewels

Stanley Lewis cufflinks have been acclaimed as one of the most forward thinking collections of designer cufflinks in the world. They have stood proudly on the podium at The Golden Globe Awards and have donned the cuffs of many a celebrity and businessman. Presented in an impressive handmade leather and suede cufflink box, the Stanley Lewis Collection of handmade silver cufflinks present an opportunity for today’s fashion conscious man to dress with savvy style. Today’s market is flooded with men’s cufflinks manufactured on mass in China. We commend Stanley Lewis who has brought back a verve and elegance to the cufflink category with his use of time honored techniques within his collection of Italian handmade silver cufflinks. He reminds us all that quality really does matter.

Online PR News – 18-February-2011 – – Stanley Lewis is renowned for delivering only the finest in men’s accessories. In keeping with his reputation, Stanley Lewis proudly presents one of the most impressive cufflink collections available. Sourced from the romantic towns of Italy, he works alongside world class jewelers to form the foundation for Stanley Lewis cufflinks. Using time honored techniques, all Stanley Lewis designer cufflinks are handmade by the finest and most respected Italian artisans. Each of these exceptional men’s cufflinks is unique in design and acknowledged as a work of art.

There are three ranges of men’s cufflinks within the collection, the first one being the Intaglio Collection. The Stanley Lewis Intaglio Collection of men’s cufflinks is inspired by the mythological gods of a bygone era. It is the intaglio technique that depicts ancient stories of romance and seduction from within the featured Venetian glass. Set in 925 Silver, these silver cufflinks are the choice of discerning gentlemen.

The second part of the Stanley Lewis Collection of designer cufflink’s is the Cabochon Collection. Also inspired by mythological gods, these handmade silver cufflinks are set in antique silver and feature soft pastel shades, their color highlighted by Venetian glass. With ‘Venus & Mars’ and ‘Eros’ as the featured characters, these Cabochon designer cufflinks are sure to impress both your business and romantic partners. As Garet Fields Sells, the famous blogger from The Prorsum Imagist is quoted as saying, “…Stanley Lewis cufflinks …add a certain level of softness that will echo throughout a lifetime…”

The third and final range within the collection is the Jewel Collection. These men’s cufflinks express both color and delight with each stone hand finished and fitted to perfection. The illustrious jewel-encrusted collection of 925 Silver cufflinks, are coated with rhodium plating to add shine to these already radiant silver cufflinks. The Jewel designs vary as do the color of the stones, with each cufflink projecting a beauty rarely seen.

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