Aussie Champion Develops iPhone App to Remember

Tansel is the current Australian Memory Champion, in 2009 he memorized 2000 business names and 18,000 digits from the Sydney Yellow Pages. In addition to being a Grand Master of Memory, he is also a personal development coach who has worked with community members, students, and executives in memory improvement.

Online PR News – 19-February-2011 – – After the amazing feat of memorising over 2000 business names and 18,000 digits from the Sydney Yellow Pages, Australian Memory Champion Tansel Ali has embarked on another adventure and developed an iPhone Application to help the average learner realise that we can all have a phenomenal memory.

“Memory E-Book – The 4 Most Powerful Memory Techniques”, has been the most popular iPhone application on memory improvement, with over 17,000 downloads and number #1 in several countries within weeks of the release. It recently reached number #2 in Australia for the iPhone Books category. The application explains four memory techniques in a concise manner to allow anyone to improve their memory in just 15 minutes. It also includes videos as well as the world’s first memory gymnasium.

Tansel 33, who works as an organisational development and personal development coach, believes the best way to increase our learning capacity is to use memory, mind mapping and speed-reading techniques. For a decade Tansel has been coaching community members, students, and executives in memory improvement. He teaches anyone, young and senior to improve their memory and even memorise the Yellow Pages like he did.

Tansel explains, “Most people don’t believe you can improve your memory. They believe that having a super memory is a learning gift you are born with. Knowledge and application of specific techniques will enhance memory function. It’s really that simple. I developed an iPhone App The 4 Most Powerful Memory Techniques to increase accessibility of these techniques to the wider public.”

According to Monique Toohey, Managing Director and Psychologist of Nasihah Consulting Group P/L “I still cannot believe these techniques are not taught from Primary school. Children gravitate towards these techniques not only because they work, but because they utilise a child’s creativity which adds fun to their learning experience. Students, even those with learning difficulties can apply the techniques as explained in Tansel’s iPhone app and they do work”.

Ever since embarking on his memory journey, Tansel has been perplexed at people’s limiting beliefs around their own memory development. The greatest challenge is not memorising the phone book or other huge memory feats, it is changing people’s mindset and helping them to realise they too can have this capability and it can benefit them in their daily lives, he says.

Ever forget where you left the keys, anniversary dates, mother-in-laws birthday, a colleague’s name, then this app might be for you too!

It is currently available in English, Turkish, Mandarin and Arabic and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store by clicking here :

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