Nevada Neuropathy Doctor, Dr. Bruce Ford, Is Now Offering New Online Patient Education Resources

Ford Center for Foot Surgery now boasts a brand new website offering new online patient education resources.

Online PR News – 06-November-2009 – – SPARKS, NV – Leading Sparks area nerve surgeon, Dr. Bruce Ford of Ford Center for Foot Surgery, recently launched a new online resource offering the practice’s current and prospective patients educational materials for common foot problems, medical care, and neuropathy services offered by the Center.

Leading neuropathy doctor, Dr. Bruce Ford of the Ford Center for Foot Surgery specializes in nerve and vascular testing, neuropathies, neuroma pain and more. Since 1991, Dr. Ford and his staff have performed over 3,500 foot surgeries in a state-of-the-art surgery center, treating foot issues originating from a variety of neuropathies. Dr. Ford’s mission is to eliminate pain and restore beauty and function in his patient's feet in a kind and caring way using all of the tools that modern medicine has to offer.

"I am very pleased with the new education resources offered on the website and I can already see how it is improving our patients’ understanding of common foot problems, proper foot care, and the procedures utilized in our office. For finding quick answers to their podiatry questions, our website is now the place to turn," said Dr. Bruce Ford, of Ford Center for Foot Surgery.

The patient education section of the website explains common podiatry problems such as bunions, ankle sprains, and corns, as well as more complex conditions such as the effect of diabetes on a patient’s feet. It lists common treatments, provides basic foot care guidelines, fitness for feet, medical care and even how to choose a proper fitting pair of shoes. It also indicates which conditions may require surgery and why it is important to always discuss neuropathy treatment options with a podiatrist.

"Foot pain is impossible to ignore and patients often don’t understand the extent to which a podiatrist can help them. I see the new online education resource as a starting point for new patients trying to understand their foot pain, and existing patients who want to learn better foot care habits," said Dr. Ford.

The Ford Center for Foot Surgery is well known for its high quality service and a well trained staff and the new online patient resource is further testament of Dr. Bruce Ford's commitment to excellent patient education. The Ford Center for Foot Surgery will continue to consistently update its website in order to keep providing practical and educational information to patients.

About The Ford Center for Foot Surgery:
The Ford Center for Foot Surgery specializes in neuropathy surgery. Operating from their own Surgery Center, the surgical team at The Ford Center for Foot Surgery helps patients alleviate the pain and tingling in their feet caused by nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Bruce Ford and his staff also treat Achilles tendon injuries, sprained ankles, bunions, calluses, corns, and pain associated with Arthritis.

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