Time 2 Go Natural Offers 100% Natural Laundry products at an impressive Discount

Time 2 Go Natural, a company offering natural laundry products, is providing attractive discounts on laundry shells. The discounts are available on the entire range of the products that comes in single packs of 8oz., single packs 16oz., twin packs and family packs.

Online PR News – 19-February-2011 – – Jackson, MS, 18 Feb 2011 : Soap nuts have been considered an excellent natural cleansing agent and have been used since decades for laundry. However, due to the limited availability of the nuts in some parts of the world, their use was limited. Time 2 Go Natural has, however, made it available as a packaged product for regular use. The company is now offering the product at a discount.

“Soap nuts are a natural cleaning agent that nature has provided us with. In fact, soap nuts are far better to conventional chemical detergents as they are an excellent HE detergent, naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and environment friendly. We are offering our range of natural laundry detergents at a huge inaugural discount. The inaugural discounts are aimed at boosting our sales and encouraging people to use natural and organic products,” said the founder member of the company.

The company us currently offering 100% natural laundry soaps in various forms like shells (the most natural form), ultra concentrated liquid detergent and pacs. The various packaging’s currently available of shells are a single pack of 8oz., a single pack of 16oz., twin pack 32oz.(16 oz. x 2 ) and family pack 64oz.(16 oz. x 4 ). The liquid detergent is available in a single pack of 8 fl.oz. , a twin pac of 16 fl.oz. (8 fl. Oz. x 2) and a family pack of 32 fl.oz. (8 fl.oz x 4) and the pacs are available in a packing of 20 pacs. All the packs are currently available at a inaugural discounted rate for example, the twin pack of laundry liquid that is originally priced at $37.90 is currently available for $26.95 which can b used for approximately up to 192 standard loads. These the products are easy to use, affordable and chemical free.

Besides all the other advantages the products offer over other detergents, being a 100% natural product is a plausible reason to give preference to these laundry products from Time 2 Go Natural. Apart from this, the products have low per load cost as well, which makes it possible to replace conventional chemical detergents completely and the current inaugural discounts have made these all natural laundry products even more affordable, which gives a good reason to natural laundry detergents.

About the Company

Time 2 Go Natural is an environmentally conscious organization that has earned a reputation for offering eco-friendly products. The company provides practical and innovative products made from natural ingredients, that are a better alternative in terms of sustainability as well performance when compared to other detergents. The company offers a range of organic laundry products like HE detergent, baby laundry detergent, natural cleaners and soap nut shells.

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