Marilyn Diamond's Secret Antioxidant

Marilyn has been a researcher who has been working on the natural means of regeneration of the body. This helps in recharging physical, mental and spiritual vitality.

Online PR News – 19-February-2011 – – US, February 19, 2011. Marilyn has been a researcher who has been working on the natural means of regeneration of the body. This helps in recharging physical, mental and spiritual vitality. She has been seen in the media many a times in leading programs like Larry King Live, Oprah, Good Morning America, Kathy Lee. People can read her reviews in the leading newspapers. She believes in the fact that today people need not live in sick bodies by following some simple rules of life about being healthy and following a good diet. She proclaims that she has been leading a happy life by taking good care of herself and achieving the right weight for herself through the right diet and youth stimulating exercise.

Fitness is one of the key factors to a good and health life. There are many beliefs which people tend to keep about fitness. The first is that fitness is all about exercises and diet. However the word diet tends to be recognized in many ways. It has been widely spoken by doctors and dieticians that a nutritious diet tends to give a body good health. While an unhealthy diet tends to lead to a diseased body. Food is essential for the body as it contains vital essential nutrients for our body. An ill fed body tends to accumulate a lot of toxins which tends to lead to many kinds of disease.

Therefore it is extremely essential to keep a good eye on the kind of nutrition that is taken in. One way of treating diseases and avoiding them is to take food which has all the right nutrient value. By keeping fit one can look forward to a healthy and long life ahead. Marilyn has been one such believer in fitness, health and youth. She talks to people about keeping youth through happiness, being fun loving and being light hearted in their over all approach towards life. Marilyn has an accomplice by the name of Rock who helps people in over coming aging problems, disease and degeneration problems. Rock has been into body sculpting where he carries an understanding of which weight is to be used to bring shape to the body and tone other muscles. He has also put in a lot of time in the field of nutrition. He has good idea of anabolism and also good idea of body building and cell replication. Currently he is in the art of regeneration and loves to share it with people. Marilyn is a firm believer in good health and youth. She has a few best seller books to her credit which has been authored by her. Her fanfare is being followed by the top celebrities and the common people. She has to her credit the following books
1.A New Way Of Eating
2.Fit For Life II
3.The American Vegetarian Cookbook
5.Recipes For Life

Her latest discovery has been apple polyphenol which is an antioxidant which has been researched through intense research on fruits and vegetables. It is an antioxidant which is made out of skin of young apples. Any person taking one capsule of apple poly would get the benefit of taking apple polyphenol from 1800 apples. It protects one from damaging radiation caused by radical oxidation. It protects the DNA from damage. Apple polyphenol is highly soluble in the body and helps in avoiding sickness, shedding abdominal fat, staying healthy and full of energy. Marilyn has been telling people about good diet and good exercise for healthy living. Marilyn and Rock have emphasized on healthy eating and exercising habits as it is the path of regeneration of cells and life into the body. While one browses through their website there are many moth watering delicacy recipes which have been discussed which are good for the body in all respect.

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