Atlanta IT Asset Management Solutions Provider BOSS helps Griffin Spalding School System take control of its IT assets

Griffin Spalding School System takes control of its IT assets with BOSS’s DiagWin Solution, a comprehensive IT asset management tool for both IT assets and non-IT assets. For IT assets, an array of features enable the user to gather and manage IT inventory from their network workstations with ease and control.

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“To be quite frank, the situation was in dire straits”, says Rod Smith, Director of Technology, Griffin Spalding School District. “The school district was made up of 18 schools at the time. They were all connected to a centralized wide-area network with frame relay. So what we had was a hodgepodge environment. We had 2003 servers, we had 2000 servers, and we had Windows NT servers still in our environment. We also had Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP in our environment.”

Smith wanted a centralized solution for the school system that would include standardizing on a platform of 2003 servers and an Active Directory environment. For workstations, Smith wanted to consolidate on Windows XP, and to remove computers that were obsolete.

In addition, the system had three different e-mail solutions with two different MX records. Smith wanted to consolidate the three e-mail systems into one 2003 Exchange Server environment. ―A big issue was trying to merge Exchange into our environment to make it work and play well with Active Directory and to get rid of the other two solutions so that we would have one single e-mail solution. Finally, the school system wanted to consolidate its domains into one domain which it could then administer from a single point-of-contact.

“Having said all that, how do you bring that all together? What tools do you use to achieve such a huge task? And that’s when BOSS approached us”, Suri Anantharama made an onsite presentation of the DIAGWIN ENTERPRISE™ solution and also showed us a road map for active directory / exchange standardization.” says Smith. “We looked at the solution to roll out our desktops which at the time was BOSS U-WIN™.”

The Solution:

BOSS assisted in the desk top migration and consolidation in 18 schools using BOSS U-WIN™. Plus DIAGWIN ENTERPRISE™ became the centralized IT asset management solution for managing enterprise assets for State audits, compliance reports application patches, and remote control. Gilmer County School System also implemented BOSSAssist™ for web based service IT help desk management.
“BOSS came in not only with their IT asset management solutions, but also with their professional services; they helped us put a project plan together and a road map for that change. We stuck closely to that road map for that project plan until we had the schools converted and the new domain set up and the e-mail solutions consolidated ”says Smith.


To minimize class room disruption, the migration took place over summer vacation. The entire IT staff, plus 10 college students hired especially for the project, worked to upgrade the system. “Part of what we were doing was removing some obsolete equipment too, because at the time the school district had no IT asset refresh plan. We put a plan in place to remove the obsolete equipment and refresh it with newer models that were going to be to our standards,” Smith says. “We had to remove a lot of machines. I think we got rid of more than 700 obsolete computers that helped us reduce maintenance costs.”
Griffin-Spalding had purchased 1000 LANDesk licenses for asset management prior to adopting the BOSS solution. However additional LANDesk licenses and implementation was expensive, “We looked at the return on our investment (from LANDesk) and saw what BOSS was proposing to us – it was just a no-brainer to move forward with a company who was providing both a cost effective solution and excellent IT support infrastructure.”


The effect of the changes on classrooms is apparent in less workstation downtime, more secure servers, and the availability of technology to teachers and students, “when they want it and when they need it”, says Smith. He’s gotten compliments from teachers and media specialists pleased with improved turnaround time for issues, which is now measured in hours and days rather than weeks and months.

Since the OS migration and the DIAGWIN ENTERPRISE™ IT asset management solution implementation, Smith has spoken at educational conferences and talked to colleagues in other K-12 systems about the experience. “You can count on BOSS delivering and doing what they said they were going to do. Every dime that we have spent with them has been well spent. Our return on our investment has always been worth it – always. This is a better school system because of that partnership,” says Smith. He also lauds the BOSS technical support department, “I don’t know how they do it, but they always make time for you and help you solve the issues. When they say that they are there for you as a customer, they really believe in that.”

About Griffin Spalding
The Griffin-Spalding County School System serves around 11,000 students in 17 schools and has approximately 1,650 employees. There are 11 elementary, 4 middle and 2 high schools and all schools are new or have been renovated since 1998. All are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) has honored the Griffin-Spalding County School System with the distinction of Quality School System. The Griffin-Spalding system is one of 57 school districts to receive this distinction in 2006 and is one of the first 100 school systems in the nation to achieve the Quality School System distinction.

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