Horses & Seniors: A Match Made in Fullerton

Horses and Seniors

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – A horse can bring calmness to the chaos of life. Horses’ soothe the soul. They remind us to stop and enjoy nature’s splendor. There is something relaxing about watching a horse stroll by or feeding a carrot to these magnificent animals. Something that connects you with all that is good in the world.

That is what one of the residents of Sunnycrest Senior Living told me as we spoke on her patio while watching a pair of horses walking along the Juanita Cooke Greenbelt Trail in beautiful Fullerton, CA. She sits back in her patio furniture, sips tea, and waves to the people walking with their dogs or riding their horses as they go by.

This is one of her most enjoyable times of the day, and she smiles as she feels the warmth of the sun on her face. She tells me it reminds her of growing up in the Midwest. Like many other seniors currently living in Orange County, she grew up in horse country, and her eyes twinkle as she recounts her days back on the farm.

Today she is no longer interested in riding, but she enjoys the relaxation of watching horses as a daily activity. Seniors today like to connect directly with animals and nature, and not just on a T.V. show. They want the real thing, and want to do so in a safe and enjoyable situation. They want to connect with the best of their past, and to make choices for themselves. She decided having an apartment facing the horse trail was the perfect choice for her, and she watches the locals on horseback almost every day.

The Juanita Cooke Trail is a beautiful hoof-friendly trail running from the North end of Laguna Lake Park through a residential neighborhood before connecting with North Euclid Street. The trail, which bears the name of a former leader of the Fullerton Recreational Riders, runs 3.5 miles with wide mulch and dirt, making the trail ideal for equestrian, pedestrian, and bike use alike. I have been told that the trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad spur, thus explaining why the grades and curves are so gentle.

But most importantly to our residents is the way it makes them feel. On one side of Sunnycrest are busy and lively streets with both medical and retail, where restaurants and shopping meet the renowned St. Jude Medical Center. On the other side is a completely different world. It is a green and peaceful world of natural serenity where you can hear a hoof make its mark.

Seniors want choices, and to enjoy their lives and this gives them the best of both worlds. Our residents enjoy that the property borders one of the prettiest horse trails of Fullerton’s 28 miles of equestrian trails. Enjoying, and appreciating the beauty and power of these noble beasts is just one choice that our proud and happy resident has made for herself. If you ever are in the area, look for the yellow awnings, and if you see a lovely lady waving at you, be sure to wave back.