Poonam Soni designs an exclusive platinum jewellery piece for Platinum Day of Love

Share your Platinum Day of Love story on www.facebook.com/platinumdayoflove and stand a chance to win this precious and rare piece of platinum jewellery

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – Mumbai, 2011- Platinum Guild International unveils the exclusive piece of platinum jewellery for the Platinum Day of Love contest on facebook, designed by India’s luxury jewellery designer, Poonam Soni and crafted by one of the finest jewellery manufacturers of platinum, Uni-Design India. The couple with the most ‘liked’ story of the facebook contest will win this exclusive piece of platinum jewellery, symbolic of their Platinum Day of Love.
Platinum Day of Love is a highly intimate, but momentous instance in the journey of love. It’s the day you achieve a more enriching and personal satisfaction out of being in love. The day you realise that you are truly meant for each other and there is no one else you would want to spend the rest of your life with. And such a momentous milestone deserves to be honoured with rare and precious platinum.
Commenting on her association with Platinum Day of Love, jewellery designer, Poonam Soni said, “I design high-end limited edition pieces and platinum is also rare and precious. That way, I feel the association was destined to happen. Love is such a beautiful emotion and nothing epitomises it like platinum. And I found the concept of Platinum Day of Love contest to be phenomenal. The best part is that it is very interactive and impartial in its format, with a platform for people to share stories and also vote for their favourites. I am proud to be associated with platinum and Platinum Day of Love. This is only the beginning and I look forward to working on many more interesting concepts with platinum.”
Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International said, “The Platinum Day of Love campaign on facebook has indeed taken off very well with a large number of fan’s following the page and many couple’s have shared interesting stories as well. We are sure that this exclusive symbolic piece of platinum jewellery designed by Poonam Soni will drive more participation. Poonam is a pioneer in the field of jewellery design in India and a perfect fit for platinum. It is a privilege to be associated with her.”
The inspiration behind the Platinum Day of Love exclusive jewellery pieces
Platinum Day of Love celebrates the moment that takes’ love for a couple to its crescendo. Poonam’s main inspiration was the rarity of platinum and the concept in itself. The centre of inspiration for this design is the Celtic knot, a symbol that is also referred to as the mystic or endless knot. The spiritual meaning of this symbol alludes to ‘eternal bond’. The piece has been accentuated with tanzanite and diamonds that complement the sophistication of the metal.
The pieces have been crafted bearing in mind what the couple would truly cherish as an heirloom and will be reminiscent of their Platinum Day of Love. The design for the woman has a pendant and chain using mother of pearl at the core of the pendant. This is interwoven with platinum holding ornate tulip petals as tulips are universally known to symbolise ‘perfect love’ and there are doves behind – a design that can be worn on special occasions. The main pendant can also be unhooked and the chain with the hearts, at the hook at the back, can be moved to the front, making it ideal for daily wear.
For the man, there is a bracelet and to keep it masculine and elegant at the same time it has industrial links with just a touch of diamond. The link that is common with the woman’s jewellery piece is the Celtic knot as a link on the side.
Log on to www.facebook.com/platinumdayoflove and share your story and pictures with your friends. Who knows, your story could fetch the highest ‘likes’ and this exclusive piece of platinum jewellery could be yours.

About Platinum Guild: Founded in the year 1975, Platinum Guild International (PGI) is dedicated to promoting platinum jewellery to the consumers and the jewellery trade worldwide. Headquartered in London, PGI has offices in each of the world's major jewellery markets - China, Japan, Germany, India, Italy, UK and the USA. Mr. James Courage is the worldwide CEO for Platinum Guild International.
Platinum Guild International set up its India Office in September 2000, with head office in Mumbai and branch office in Chennai. Platinum Guild India runs a comprehensive marketing programme to build desire for platinum jewellery in India. It provides platinum Retail Sales Training and conducts a unique Quality Assurance programme to ensure quality and purity of platinum jewellery amongst consumers and trade. Over the years Platinum Guild India has increased the number of authorized outlets retailing platinum jewellery to over 550+ from a mere 12 outlets in 2000.
For further details and also a list of platinum jewellery retailers in India log on to: www.preciousplatinum.in
About Poonam Soni: A visionary who pioneered the concept of bespoke jewellery in India in 1989 when she broke the conventional Indian mindset of buying jewellery as an investment to buying it as a work of art. Poonam Soni is known for her high-end collections of precious jewellery which have made a mark worldwide. Recently, she was part of the Eco Art parade 2010 with 32 select jewellery brands of the world that was auctioned by Lord Mark Poltimore of the famed auction house, Sotheby’s.
About Uni-Design Jewellery India Pvt. Ltd: Established in May 2000 by Mahendra Brothers – a DTC sightholder since 1969, Uni-Design India is one of the leading diamond studded platinum and gold jewellery manufacturers in India. They are known for their innovative designs and impeccable product finish.
PGI has selected Uni-Design India as one of the few privileged manufacturers of platinum. It takes extraordinary designs and highly skilled hands along with most modern manufacturing facilities to transform this remarkable metal into astonishing pieces of jewellery.

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