Drug rehab centres in South Africa

Oasis is a drug rehab centre in South Africa offering expert and caring counselling to manage the disease of addiction.

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – Drug addiction is a severe problem with devastating consequences. However, the right programme of treatment can arrest addictive behaviour and supply addicts with the skills and emotional well-being to thrive without drugs. Oasis Counselling Centre is a drug rehab centre in South Africa that offers holistic treatment for addiction, using proven methods for long-term results.

Quitting drugs is the first step towards managing drug addiction. While drug addiction is a serious disease, it can be managed with the right treatment, expert supervision and the support of trained counsellors and peers.

The experienced staff at Oasis Counselling Centre recognise that drug addiction treatment is not easy, and are dedicated to providing drug addicts with the support and encouragement they need to persevere and make lasting changes.

“There is a misconception that drug addicts are failures or bad people. We remind addicts that they are in fact suffering from a serious disease and need professional help,” points out Anstice Wright, director of Oasis Counselling Centre.

Drug rehab treatment programmes

Entering a drug rehab centre for treatment is not an escape from everyday responsibilities. On the contrary, seeking professional treatment for drug addiction is a commitment to taking control of your own life.

The name ‘Oasis’ is an acronym for Overcome Addiction Step Into Society. This expresses an important aspect of the Oasis philosophy: addiction can be managed, and, with dedication and the appropriate treatment, drug addicts are able to re-enter society and lead happy and successful lives.

The key to the profound and enduring effectiveness of the Oasis Counselling Centre is that treatment programmes address the root causes of addictive behaviour.

Drug addicts receive counselling to address the emotional problems that underlie their reliance on drugs. Group therapy sessions, where appropriate, provide drug addicts with the support of their peers, which empowers addicts to help others experiencing similar problems.

Therapy addresses self-esteem issues and feelings of worthlessness, and helps addicts to manage stresses without resorting to drug use.
The Oasis treatment team is comprised of highly-skilled and experienced counselling, medical and support staff to provide the professional supervision and support that drug addicts require to manage their addiction.

Holistic treatment for addiction

Managing addiction is about finding balance. Oasis Counselling Centre provides drug rehabilitation that places an emphasis on holistic, balanced care.

The health of the body and the mind are inextricably linked. A nutritious diet plan is provided for each person undergoing drug rehab at Oasis. A range of exciting nature excursions are available and daily activities, such as horse riding and beach walks, are encouraged. Oasis even provides yoga classes, to help achieve inner harmony while undergoing intensive treatment.

Set amid the breathtaking scenery of Plettenberg Bay, Oasis is situated in one of South Africa’s most beautiful locations. At Oasis addicts can focus on achieving balance as they work through their personal difficulties with the attentive care of professional staff.