CCM Announces to Update Report Production and Market of Sucralose in China

CCM announces to update a market report named Production and Market of Sucralose in China recently. The aim of this report is to provide powerful assistance in marketing intelligence to indentify threats, risks and opportunites.

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – CCM announces to update a market report named Production and Market of Sucralose in China Recently which will come out in Mar. 11st.2011. The update research will consists of major parts on production, import & export, consumption and forecast. The data about sucralose will be updated to 2010 and the forecast will be based on the macro factors and micor factors influencing the product, such as GDP growth and economic situation, government policies, sucralose’s end use, as well as technology development etc.

Sucralose, as a safe sweetener with 600-650 times sweetness of sucrose, is widely used in more than 30 countries as food additive with its high sweetness, low calorie and safety for diabetics. Currently the annual global demand for sucralose is about 600 tonnes with growth rate of 20%.

Tate & Lyle, one of the inventors of sucralose, had been the only sucralose producer till 2004. In order to monopolize the market, the company has applied for many new patents on sucralose technology, crystal form and technological upgrade after its core patent expired in 2001, to prevent others to enter sucralose industry.

But from 2004 several Chinese enterprises have developed new technologies to produce sucralose, which broke through the monopolization of Tate & Lyle. At present China has about 20 sucralose manufacturers with total capacity of around 600t/a.

The demand for sucralose mainly comes from the USA and Europe, with the former capturing about 75% of global demand. Despite its huge population of 1.3 billion, China’s consumption of sucralose is relatively small.Due to the small domestic demand, Chinese sucralose manufacturers have to export their products.

As introduced by CCM, the aims of this report are as below:

 To offer ciritical market data on production, raw material supply, market size, consumption, trade analysis etc.
 To figure out the current technology level of Chinese sucralose
 To indentify the drivers and barriers to Chinese sucralose and forecast the supply and demand in next 5 years
 To analyze the key sucralose manufacturers in China

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