Over 3 Million Internet Threats Detected With Advanced Spyware and Malware Protection

Atanium Software launchesits new technology in the "Atanium Spyware Protection 2011" to defend any home and small business PC against adware, spyware and malware threats.

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – Boston, MA – Atanium Software, a global developer and provider of advanced yet simple-to-use PC utilities software, recently announced the new release of its Spyware Protection software. Atanium Software's PC Spyware Protection 2011 uses advanced technology that defends consumer and small business PCs against millions of spyware and malware threats that originate from browsing the Internet. Spyware Protection 2011 is also built to continually monitor and protect computers in real-time using its highly sophisticated artificial intelligence and heuristic scan technologies to defend PC users and their privacy against Internet threats.

"Our Spyware Protection 2011 software has been developed for real-time protection and is meant to defend users and their privacy from dangerous and hidden Internet spyware," said Henry Gates, Director of Marketing. "A recent consumer research showed that hundreds of millions of PC users browse the Internet daily without any protection and they are all at risk without realizing this. For this reason, we are announcing an entirely Free 30 day trial version of our PC Spyware Protection 2011 that allows any PC user to scan their computers at no cost and see whether their PC has been attacked by any malicious threats from the Internet."

Many outdated and legacy spyware removal programs are not prepared for today’s sophisticated malware threats and they can only detect a small fraction of all the Internet spyware and malware. Worse yet, many of these programs have been tested and they were unable to completely remove the spyware in test runs. However, Atanium Software’s Spyware Protection 2011 software has been developed with advanced technology not only to detect some the most sophisticated spyware threats but also to completely remove such spyware and malware in entirety from the PC. Atanium Software’s anti-spyware product is also built for effectively blocking such spyware continuously and in real time from being installed on a PC in the first place.

Key features of the Spyware Protection software include:

• Easy to Use –easy and fast to download while simple to use with an intuitive user interface
• Advanced Technology –deep scanning heuristic engine that is developed with highly sophisticated anti-malware technology
• Real-Time Protection –continuous monitoring that is light on PC resources
• Fast –rapid scanning that picks up a broad range of hidden or camouflaged threats
• Secure–Instant removal of malicious threats from your computer
• Free regular automated updates - ensure that newly developed spyware, malware, and adware is recognized immediately
• 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows Compatibility – works with 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Atanium Software's PC Spyware Protection 2011 utility, with Extended Download Service, can be purchased on its own for $29.95 at http://www.ataniumsoftware.com/products/pc-spyware-protection.

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