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So In Flow, UK’s leading influential skills agency is led by a national award winning trainer, coach and author named Imam. With the most up-to-date applications from NLP, Social Psychology, Neuroscience etc, the company offers leadership training to interested individuals and organisations, which helps them to get better and faster results in personal influence skills, sales, negotiation and leadership.

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – For Immediate Release

Audience responsive training is getting excellent reports already

Newcastle, United Kingdom, February 16, 2011 – Every new business training programme under the sun claims to be new and original: so it is a refreshing change when you stumble across one that really is. The leadership training devised and delivered by Haider Imam, one of the twin directors and visionary behind So In Flow (, is receiving rave reviews from some major UK and overseas businesses.

Aimed at senior leadership clients, the training delivered by So In Flow’s Haider is designed with a big difference: less talk and more action. To hear Haider speak, the days of teaching individuals to lead by talking at them – and, indeed, the days when leadership simply meant wielding the authority of a higher position – are gone. Instead, you’ll hear buzz words like “influence” and “development”: and you will be trained in doing, right from the start.

The leadership training sessions provided by So In Flow are designed to inspire, to mesmerise, and to jerk even the oldest of management war horses from his or her track and into a productive new way of getting employees to deliver more from fewer resources. The business world’s most rapidly diminishing resource is time: and So In Flow’s leadership programme aims not only to teach executive level leaders how to get the most out of their newly restricted world, but to show them.

That’s the real difference here. So In Flow’s leadership training programme is all about exemplifying the very techniques and tactics that Haider is so passionate about. Delegates at one of his training days will quickly discover that the rhetoric is anything but empty, as they are required, pretty much from the word go, to get involved with the practical aspects of the doctrine Haider preaches.

To date, results have been quick and good. Clearly Haider, and So In Flow ( understand something vital about the modern business world.

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So In Flow is a high level leadership training organisation devoted to promoting a new style of leadership. Its courses are intended to inspire, model, challenge and encourage the leaders of tomorrow.

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