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NACO provides insurance for caravans and static caravans. It also gives advice and guidance on caravan ownership, insurance quotes and holiday caravans home information.

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – For Immediate Release

NACO provides new look static caravan insurance for caravanners across the United Kingdom

Essex, United Kingdom, February 16, 2011 – The National Association of Caravan Owners ( has started to provide static caravan insurance for its members: ensuring that they get proper cover against all the things that can (and do) happen to holiday homes. A holiday home is a unique investment in that it spends large portions of its useful life empty and unattended – making the risks associated with owning one very specific indeed.

Until now there has been no real caravan owner’s policy: at least, not one owned and run by a genuine static caravan owner’s information and assistance organisation. The National Association of Caravan Owners (NACO), which was formed in order to provide help, advice and information to all holiday home and touring caravan owners, has developed its static caravan insurance policy in response to the difficulties reported by some of its members.

According to a spokes person for the organisation, which is composed of caravan owners and ex caravan owners - many of the members of NACO were finding it hard to get meaningful comparisons on static insurance quotes. So eventually they thought of taking up things in their own hands and thus the bespoke insurance policy was designed for static ownership.

The insurance offered by the National Association of Caravan Owners ( can be commenced immediately, in emergency or urgent situations and can also be built at leisure when time is not pressing. All members of the NACO are able to contact the company about its static caravan insurance policies by using a no queue UK call centre – another attribute in the company’s favour.

With the insurance policy from NACO, caravan owners in the UK are finding it easier to own a holiday home without the fear of any risk.

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