Non Profit Law Clinic takes on Mortgage Banking Giants with Fraud and Lender Abuse Law Suits

Federally Registered Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC), a Non Profit Law Clinic that started as a small organization helping families with small children and the elderly facing homelessness

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – Federally Registered Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC), a Non Profit Law Clinic that started as a small organization helping families with small children and the elderly facing homelessness due to lender abuse and mortgage banking fraud has always been committed in assisting families that are struggling with abusive lenders and banking institutions. Fortunately for many homeowners who do not meet those requirements of having small children and the elderly are now able to become preferred members at no cost and have been receiving impressive results they otherwise would never have received with out CPAC’s intervention.

The Non Profit Law Clinic has successfully reversed several Trustee Sales, Cancelled Auctions at the last minute, obtained permanent principal reductions on mortgage home loans of up to 40% and have had foreclosing lenders allow a homeowner to reduce the old loan balance by more than $250,000.00 on the same property that the same lender previously rejected a simple rate reduction and then rejected a Short Sale that they them selves ordered the homeowner to acquiesce to. Why would a lender do that you ask? Well it’s not because CPAC is just another Non Profit Organization. As we all know, these Banking Giants who have been permitted to rape and pillage by our Governmental bodies have even been rewarded with billions and billions of our American Tax payer funds in the guise of Consumer Assistance, yet blatantly used these funds for lavish vacation bonuses and purchasing funds to buy other failing banks making sweetheart backroom deals to buy our homes for pennies on the dollar then reaping more financial gain after the homeowners been thrown out of their home recouping paper loses from Mortgage Insurance Companies that received more of our Government bail out funds. Why does this Non Profit Organization see these results when other nationally marketed non Profits with bank and government funding support only get 3 month trail payment plans or ineffective temporary rate reductions? Well it maybe because when you sit with a CPAC representative they don’t have you fill out a form that starts off with “Foreclosure Intake form” that immediately goes to the lender satisfying a specific (SB1137) law allowing the lender to now commence with foreclosure proceedings.

So why does this Non Profit Organization that doesn’t get one penny from any lender, bank or our Government get such dramatically different results from these same lenders? Maybe its because the first document one fills out with CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic is a document titled not titled as the one previously mentioned but titled “Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis” that can now be obtained on the internet from any where in the United States at . CPAC Non profit Law Clinic recognizes Lender Fraud, Violations, Errors, Misrepresentations ranging from very commonly found Predatory Loan Origination tactics, Predatory Loan Servicing Practices, Consumer Civil Rights Violations and up thru current foreclosure Laws at both the State and Federal Level.

While they detect these violations that have been held valid in both State and Federal Court as sufficient to invalidate the troubled mortgage loan that the lender had previously refused to modify and that would make the entire loan contract un-enforceable.
Once a CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic preferred Client you will be entitled to many completely FREE non consumer cost products and services including but not limited to FREE Legal Loan Modification, FREE Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis and FREE Prequalification for permanent principal reduction programs and much much more. In fact they will actually sign an agreement with you that will obligate them, their staff and their affiliates to be at your side until you receive permanent sustainable resolution. They offer help ranging from passive very non aggressive approaches for those who elect that route up thru Consumer Civil Rights Litigation Representation and Mortgage Contract Litigation due to Fraud or Misrepresentation. Become a member today, so you are prepared tomorrow. or call them at 866-773-7864.