Comodo Backup Encrypts and Safeguards Data, Optimizes File Space

Comodo Backup Encrypts and Safeguards Data, Optimizes File Space

Online PR News – 06-November-2009 – – Jersey City, NJ, November 03, 2009 - In October, Sidekick users experienced the acute distress of losing their data files—apparently forever. If corporate networks lose information, their pain is magnified. The number and size of the files lost may be thousands or millions times greater. The loss may even kill the patient, shutting down a business permanently. Comodo Backup 2.1 protects against data loss crises by taking real-time backups of user data, with more flexibility and control than ever, and still for free.

New features in Comodo Backup include step-by-step wizards to guide even novice users through the entire backup, restore and scheduling procedures, and real-time backups. The synchronization feature creates real-time backups by copying files over as soon as they are modified.

Granular scheduling options enable administrators to take automatic backups to suit demanding schedules.

Comodo Backup 2.1 also includes resource management options that allow the user to run backups when the computer is idle or at a certain interval after startup – meaning the program will not contribute to the usual process jam that occurs immediately after a user logs on.

To be sure that the information once backed up is inaccessible to unauthorized personnel, powerful encryption options protect data.

Live system data is always at risk, mostly from power outages and user error. Should the backed-up data be needed, Comodo Backup's built in integrity checker verifies the integrity of backup files before committing to a restore, and Comodo Backup allows the user to search within the image file for a particular file name.

Comodo Backup quickly backs up entire network and virtual drives or individual files or folders to local computers, network drives or FTP server, according to the administrator's preset configuration. Backup preset instructions include mail folders, Windows registries, messenger archives, and master boot records.

The new release also includes support for scripting and command line operation.

To download a free copy of Comodo Backup, visit Comodo Backup can be run and configured with Comodo Endpoint Security, a centrally-managed firewall and antivirus package. For more information visit Comodo Endpoint Security.

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