Fashion Experts Reveal Secrets to a Celebrity Style Without Breaking the Bank

With over 300,000 accessories listed online everyday, women can now find exactly the same accessories that Celebrities wear in Red Carpet events for pennies with just a little research. A team of “Online Fashionists” will teach you how to do it.

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – Los Angeles, Feb. 17th, 2011 - Today, more than men, women are eager to borrow a spark of what celebrity means only to be in the spotlight for just a few moments. If you wish this too, a team of expert fashionists are ready to show you how you can look and feel like a real Hollywood celebrity, in town.

Now, you can enter into this magical world guided by the renowned French stylist and “fashionist” Alais Bonnet, who has joined forces with a group of veteran fashion and internet professionals who understand the new online marketplace, to offer you easy access to elegant designer accessories for cheap, especially some of women’s most appreciated: purses and handbags., represents the vision of these design experts who continually monitor accessories and apparel wore by celebrities in big events to later scan the web in search of those at bargain prices online. It may be strange to some but finding designer handbags and purses for cheap has become more of an science where multiple “disciplines” and technologies have to be put in place to first identify what to search for and then how to find them at the lowest prices.

That is the proposal behind finding fine accessories, especially designer handbags and other purses for cheap, delivered in a refreshing style, to its community of readers and followers.

The staff of is composed of a diverse team of online fashion researchers, entertainment reporters and bargain hunters, who will explain you how to get original women accessories at the best prices online. Of course, it is truly incredible to be able to dress, look and feel like a real celebrity, to show your stylish allure and extreme elegance without spending a fortune. Well, now it is still incredible but not impossible.

That is exactly what Alais Bonnet and this team of renowned fashion experts promise you: designer accessories at your fingertips. In Alais words: “It is not only about purses for cheap but about the fact that you are a celebrity for us”.

If you were wondered how you could look like a movie star without losing an arm, just visit and check the tricks behind celebrity styles. So, bookmark this blog and stay tuned with the latest tips, and of course, you’ll look better.

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