IndustrialCOOP Debuts Its Discount Building Materials & Supplies Directory

The original industrial search engine introduces its building supply & materials directories and sister e-marketplace

Online PR News – 16-February-2011 – – Orlando, Florida – Business and political leaders of the sunshine state has always been forward thinkers when it comes to the building & construction industry and companies such as IndustrialCOOP appears to be one of them with the debut of its all new Building Materials Marketplace for buying & selling a wide array of construction & building products at The B2B search engine, often referred to as I-COOP or simply 'The Coop' created the new marketplace for contractors, construction firms, do-it-yourself (DIY) and other seeking to buy and/or purchase various building material and supplies locally, nationwide and across the globe.

Longtime IndustrialCOOP contributing editor and spokesperson for the company James Hanley said the site also provides access to a geographical-targeted directory known as the American Building Materials Buying Guide at According to Mr. Hanley, the publication offers new, used, surplus, salvage, reclaimed, commercial, residential, green and discount building products, construction materials and supplies such as lumber, plywood, doors & windows, roofing, tile flooring, paint, cement & concrete, glass, wood decking, asphalt, vinyl siding (all colors & styles), prefabricated structures, metal beams, angles & girders, reinforced concrete, granite & marble countertops, hardwood flooring, epoxy seamless poured flooring, rebars and other construction & building supplies.

“Although known primarily for its vacation spots and beaches, Florida has always been forward thinkers in the construction industry by putting up buildings and structures all over the state known today as landmarks,” said Hanley. He added, “IndustrialCOOP's building material supply co-op marketplace and directory serves not only the sunshine state but companies across the country and all over the world looking to purchase or offer a wide range of building & construction material products, including tools & hardware, commercial doors & windows, roof shingles, plywood & lumber, fencing, electrical wiring, plumbing, finishing products as well as green, salvage & surplus building material supply and a wide variety of other products for the residential and commercial construction industry.

About IndustrialCOOP

IndustrialCOOP, a division of Industrial Leaders is an extensive co-op search engine and stand alone industrial directory with offerings from national and international distributors, manufacturers and other suppliers of industrial goods and services. The site is utilized by global manufacturing and engineering professionals looking for various kinds of industrial supplies, equipment, materials, tools and machinery from suppliers in over 54 countries at

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