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02/16/2011 is a site that enables users to store websites and pages for rapid referral later. You can mark any type of web content from articles or blogs to videos and your favorite web pages. You can search through them using keywords or by tags, and can access them from any internet connection. extends this access to wherever you are by storing your favorite links on a public resource.

Online PR News – 16-February-2011 – – with, Internet users can navigate the Internet easily and efficiently through the use of a bookmarked and customized homepage. Using is your personal homepage will allow you point-and-click your way to web deficiency. VelvetSkyway has designed an online bookmark for your most visited sites. Wrote this list of most visited sites is instantly displayed whenever you log onto the Internet. Instead of typing in a URL, you simply point-and-click on the thumbnail that points to the site you’re ready to visit.

The homepage has been fully optimized to make it easy and efficient to store and navigate to some of the Internet’s most popular destinations. Because some of these sites are preset, much of the customization work has already been done for you. But, thanks to the fully optimized design of the site, it is a quick and easy alter or remove the preloaded sites and add your own list of most visited sites no matter what they may be.The VelvetSkyway online bookmark homepage can cut Internet navigation time in half. The page has been designed to suit every aesthetic preference from background color to thumbnail positioning area because users are allowed to select the configuration of their display favorite sites, Internet navigation becomes much easier.
The designers of now offer Web users a navigation experience that is unlike any other. They’ll put skyway users can customize their own personal online homepage to make edits and changes as they see fit. The site has also been designed to be easily replaced. While the site’s designers believe users will keep their VelvetSkyway homepage forever, they’ve also made it possible to easily revert back to an old homepage.

Today’s Internet user use time management is an important commodity. We’re all looking to save a few minutes in the day. It’s now possible to maximize Internet navigation using an easy and efficient online bookmark. The Velva skyway personalized homepage has the potential to change the way users navigate the Internet for the better.The customized homepage is the perfect time-saving tool for busy people on the go. Personalized homepage is the next big thing in personal time management. is designed to replace your current homepage with a customizable online bookmark of thumbnails for your most visited sites. provides online bookmark to add various well known and most visited sites for your web browser.