Nit Free Noggins, a Chicago area based head lice treatment service announces a new option in the fight against head lice, the FDA cleared, LouseBusterTM device.

Online PR News – 16-February-2011 – – Nit Free Noggins, a Chicago area based head lice treatment service announces a new option in the fight against head lice, the FDA cleared, LouseBusterTM device. This revolutionary device will quickly eliminate all stages of head lice in one single treatment without the use of harmful chemicals. Using only heated air followed by a special comb-out technique, head lice have finally met their match!

About the LouseBusterTM Device

Dr. Dale Clayton, an evolutionary parasitologist and professor of the University of Utah, created the LouseBusterTM device as a safer and more effective means by which to eliminate head lice than the standard chemical-laden drugstore treatments. As opposed to expelling lice through dangerous chemicals, the LouseBusterTM device relies on precise heat and time application. Of this methodology, Dr. Clayton notes, “Our clinical trials, show that the application of a sufficient volume of controlled, heated air at a specific temperature is extremely effective at killing all stages of head lice during a single 30-minute treatment. The treatment works by dehydrating lice and their eggs, driving off water that is essential to sustaining life. Unlike chemical treatments, to which many strains of lice have evolved genetic resistance, this approach is very likely to be ‘evolution proof.’ Water is too fundamental a component of the physiology of head lice for them to evolve a way around this level of dehydration.”

Head Lice is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide each year. Primarily found in school-aged children 3 to 11 years old, head lice infestation often goes undetected by parents until it hits home, leaving busy families faced with a range of confusing and potentially unhealthy treatment options to research. “It can be a very frustrating experience for families who try the various over the counter products and home remedies currently available, that, in most cases are ineffective, wasting time, money and leaving them still scratching their heads.”, said Carrie Madej, owner of Nit Free Noggins. “We believe that the LouseBusterTM device with its revolutionary controlled heated air technology represents the safest, most cost effective, single-treatment option on the market today.”

About Nit Free Noggins

Nit Free Noggins currently offers clients in-home treatments with plans to open their first salon in the spring of 2011. Trained and certified technicians provide a 30-minute LouseBusterTM treatment followed by a thorough comb-out using a specially designed comb to insure that any remaining lice or nits (eggs) are removed from the head. The technicians, while providing treatments, will also help educate the client as to the steps that need to be taken around the home to ensure that the environment has been cleaned properly, eliminating the chances of re-infestation.
Nit Free Noggins is Chicagolands’ exclusive LouseBusterTM service provider. Serving families, schools and camps in the counties of Cook, Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage and Will counties. Nit Free Noggins is committed to providing timely, safe, and highly effective treatments for head lice reducing the stress felt by the many families struggling with head lice infestations, leaving them nit free and ready to resume their normal daily life.