SMTP, Inc. Assures Email Delivery for HD Media Services, Improves Business & Preserves Reputation

HD Media Services turned to SMTP Inc. and its network of dedicated SMTP servers that are finely configured to ensure that email is delivered successfully.

Online PR News – 16-February-2011 – – Boston, MA, February 16, 2011 -- HD Media Services realized that its B2B emails were being quarantined in spam folders during crucial business negotiations pertaining to job bids. They turned to SMTP Inc. and its network of dedicated SMTP servers that are finely configured to ensure that email is delivered successfully.

Based in Portland, Ore., HD Media Services ( ) provides organizations and consumers with video tape transfers to DVD or Blu-ray disc, restoration and editing services for archival or presentation purposes.

Owner Michael Pfost says he was lured by SMTP’s tagline email delivery promise, "When it has to get there." SMTP’s email delivery assurance and reliability has been a boom to his business.

Says Michael Pfost, owner of HD Media Services, "SMTP has an excellent service to offer companies like ours -- as one missed or delayed email (due to landing in a spam folder) can be the loss of a sale, especially when a good portion of our business is done via email correspondence."

"At least 90% of our business depends on email communications," Pfost said. "Our ISP couldn’t help us to avoid draconian spam filters. Mind you, we were not sending out unsolicited junk mail indiscriminately. We’re talking about one to one, individual emails that were being blocked for no apparent reason."

"Our ISP didn’t have the expertise to tinker with DKIM or SPF, protocols designed to verify the legitimacy of an email," added Pfost. "SMTP solved that problem for us. As a result, we’ve seen our emails make it through, translating to our RFPs getting delivered in a speedy manner, and winning new business."

"Companies have to be aware that when their emails are deemed as spam, there is a serious likelihood that such labeling can damage their reputation," says Semyon Dukach, CEO of SMTP. "Perception is everything. Once you are perceived as being a spammer, it’s next to impossible to convince the public otherwise. Here is where SMTP’s email delivery service ( ) expertise can make or break a business."

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