Enerlites Adds Round Floor Box Kits to its Inventory

Enerlites introduces the 975517 round floor box kit, which is designed to meet the required functionality of the raised access floor market.

Online PR News – 17-March-2018 – IRVINE, CA – Enerlites is now offering 975517-S and 975517-C round floor box kits, which are designed to suit the required functionality of the raised access floor market. These floor box kits are suited for residential and commercial constructions. The round floor box kits are compatible with various flooring materials, including laminate, ceramic, hardwood, tile, carpet, concrete, etc. The 977517-C and 977517-S floor box kits feature corrosion-resistant, yet water-tight gaskets, and hardware. This helps make the product durable, and thus reliable.

According to Greg Reese, National Sales Manager at Enerlites, flexibility and space efficiency is a key benefit offered by these round floor box kits. "The underfloor systems of the raised-access floor boxes not only help in improving the space efficiency, but also in decreasing the overall building height," Greg Reese said. This is the reason why these electrical floor boxes are being preferred in several commercial buildings, where space is a concern. These round floor boxes can be secured firmly to the floor with the help of clamp arms. These arms are self-adjusting, which means no manual adjustments are required during the installation.

The round floor box kit comes with a tamper, and weather-resistant duplex receptacle, which is UL listed. The 975517-S electrical floor box kit is equipped with a nickel-plated brass cover, and 975517-C electrical floor box kit with a durable brass cover. These covers are UL listed, and provided with a 62040 -TWR- W receptacle, and can be fitted with Enerlites FB-02 metallic box or HJFLC001 Nonmetallic 6" PVC box . These covers are designed to fit flush on the floor, thereby creating water-tight seals. The round covers are provided with unique finishes like polishing, painting, and passivation, which helps increase their durability, and aesthetic value. Overall, the cover is designed to provide fast and secure installation, with minimal efforts.

The 975517-C and 975517-S model of the floor boxes have a diameter of 5-3/4̸; (140 mm). In addition to the 975517-C & 975517-S floor box kits, Enerlites also provides floor boxes in various depths, which are suitable for use in most installations.

For more information about the 975517 round floor box kit, and other floor boxes, please contact Enerlites sales representative, or visit www.enerlites.com.

About Enerlites

Enerlites is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of wiring devices and lighting controls in the US. The company provides performance-oriented metallic electric floor boxes and enclosures, as well as a wide range of timer switches, dimmer switches, wiring devices, USB charger receptacles, etc. Most products are UL/CUL listed, and backed with a -year warranty. The Irvine, California-based manufacturer is emphasizing on perfecting design and material formulations, resulting in products with compact designs, increased strength, reduced weight, as well as quick and easy installation.

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