Geek Choice Gets A Reboot

Geek Choice hires Gregg Housh

Online PR News – 06-November-2009 – – A nationwide computer repair service company with roots in downtown Boston has undergone a massive overhaul in the last two months under the direction of new Technician Manager Gregg Housh. The experience he brings to the company has helped transform every aspect of how Geek Choice does business while maintaining the company's dedication to quality customer service.

Housh has spent the last 15 years repairing computers. Beginning as a systems administrator at high tech firms such as Virtual Strategies, he abandoned the suit and tie in favor of a more relaxed work environment. He spent several years in the field performing on site service at homes and businesses in the Boston area before moving into the office to focus his attention on creating the tools for other techs to use. At Geek Choice he provides support to techs in the field, offering expert help whenever a problem arises that the tech on site is unfamiliar with. In the event that the tech on site is unable to resolve a problem locally, Housh runs a lab in the office where he can work directly on the most complex problems. His years of experience in data recovery, virus removal, and internet security have proven an invaluable resource for the technicians at Geek Choice.

His influence on the company doesn't just end with technical know-how, though. Housh has spent nearly two years volunteering for activist causes, gaining valuable experience working with the media, website maintenance and internet security. Housh's expertise has helped reshape Geek Choice's online presence, creating valuable new resources for customers and other visitors for computer maintenance and security. The new Geek Choice blog is now being updated roughly twice a week with information from how to improve the performance of a slow computer to the workings of the new Google Wave service.

The goal of Geek Choice has always been to provide excellent computer service to their customers. The addition of Gregg Housh to the Geek Choice team has improved not only the excellent service for their customers, but also helped reach new people in the Boston area and across the nation.

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