Now you can get Surgical Products also at International Drug Mart!

Surgical instruments now available online.

Online PR News – 16-February-2011 – –, now knowing the surgical needs of the customers, has now come up with the products for home care needs and also the ones which are needed in hospitals. These products which can be ordered online are Pill cutter/Tablet cutter, sterile intravenous infusion sets and Scalp vein sets.

Pill cutter/Tablet cutters contain cutting edge, which are used for splitting the tablets. Each pack contains 5 pieces. Sterile infusion sets are used when medications have to be given intravenous. This infusion sets also come in packs. Each pack contains 5 pieces. Scalp vein sets, special butterfly winged infusion sets are also available for low cost online. This infusion sets are available with 10 pieces per pack.

These surgical instruments can be got over the counter. You can find the above mentioned products listed in the category “Surgicals”. This category can be found in the top main menu. To start with has supplying these three products and will soon expand the products in Surgicals section. - A best place to purchase all your medical and health care needs at low cost.