PixeConn Standard Helps You To See What Matters And ... Connect!

PixeConn announces the launch of PixeConn Standard. The App provides a new and innovative way to connect with close knit groups.

Online PR News – 16-February-2011 – – The PixeConn Standard is a newly released Android App by Rcursion Inc. It provides a new communication way to say “How are you doing?” with casual photos. Have you been missing your high school classmates or just a few hang-out buddies? With PixeConn, you can invite them for a photo session from anywhere in the world. Photos taken are instantly available to all phone cameras and PixeConn help you to link all these phone cameras together. Best of all, “pretending” you do the hard work of pulling their photos together and creating the collages. Networking long-lost contacts with PixeConn’s invitation forwarding is a breeze.

You can also visit
http://pixeconn.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=58/ to see how PixeConn is used!

PixeConn users now can connect to everyone anywhere and anytime with three easy steps.

First, invite friends from your exclusive social cycle (i.e. this is not Facebook/twitter type of social networking where your announcement is shared with the general social group) for a pix session using the PixeConn Standard.

You can now start the fun to share pix along with free texting. Group texting is free with PixeConn, no matter how large your group. Share and text is simple with PixeConn.

Once you have collected enough pix in your session, PixeConn will generate collages for you to share with everyone with just one tap on the screen. PixeConn could compile these photos together in a fun and somewhat simple way for you to share with your family and friends.

With the power of PixeConn Mobile Apps you can now share the precious moments easily. Initiate to invite is the first step to show you care.PixeConn is a mobile app assisted communication method to see what our close-knit friends and family can see, and through the common things that we see, we are further connected. Enjoy the privilege of being invited to see just-in-time photos with family and friends. SEE WHAT MATTERS AND ... CONNECT!

Your free PixeConn Standard App can be downloaded from Android Market.

Ways to reach PixeConn
Tel: 1-312-428-6920
Office hours: Mon-Fri; 8 AM - 5 PM (US Central; GMT -6)
Address: 5 E. College Dr, Suite 15, Arlington Heights, IL, USA
Please visit www.pixeconn.com for more information.