Beach Environmental Gets a Bed Bug Detection Dog

Bed Bugs are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the United States. Beach Environmental has the first trained Bed Bug detection dog in South Florida. This makes eliminating these pests easier and more effective.

Online PR News – 15-February-2011 – – Beach Environmental would like to introduce you to Dia, a professionally trained Bed Bug detection dog. Dia was formally trained by Scott's K9's, the same company that is used to train police drug detection and bomb detection dogs.

Dia knows only French commands so that people talking inside of a room cannot distract he from her work. When Dia finds Bed Bugs she sits and points with her nose to where she senses the Bed Bugs are located. Then she gets rewarded with her ball, her favorite toy.

A Bed Bug detection dog can be used if you suspect that you have a Bed Bug problem or if you want to check to make sure your new home or apartment is not already infested with these pests. Dia can pin-point the exact location of the problem so that you know where these bugs are located and what rooms to treat. Get the Dia stamp of approval, and make sure these pests are not in your home.