Aqility, Inc. Releases New iPhone App - Kids Career Match: Who Do You Call?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Aqility, Inc. Releases Innovative iPhone Application That Inspires Kids to Explore Careers

Online PR News – 15-February-2011 – – Boston, MA — Aqility, Inc. announced the release of "Kids Career Match: Who Do You Call?", an iPhone app specifically designed for children as a fun and interactive learning tool that encourages them to explore the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Created through a partnership with Yeebee, an educational software developer, "Kids Career Match: Who Do You Call?" provides young players with the opportunity to study the roles of various career professionals. The app features two sections: a Flashcard section where children can study career vocabulary, and a Game section where they can use their newly acquired vocabulary skills to help professionals perform their jobs.

“The main attraction of this new iPhone app is its potential to inspire. 'Who Do You Call?' presents a fun and creative way for children to expand their horizons,” says Alexander Kesler, President of Aqility, Inc., “At the same time, parents can enjoy seeing their kids discover various career possibilities.”

"Kids Career Match: Who Do You Call?" is an educational game designed for children ages 4+, and is based on technology endorsed by the New York Department of Education. “In addition to teaching vocabulary, 'Kids Career Match' fosters a child’s curiosity about the world they will enter as adults,” says Amy Mazza, a third grade teacher at the Cathedral School in New York City. “When nurtured, this initial curiosity can grow and develop into important life skills, including goal-setting and critical thinking. This new app plants the seed that helps kids grow into career-driven individuals.”

Features of the "Kids Career Match: Who Do You Call?" iPhone application include:

• Animated flashcards for studying career vocabulary
• Three level options: Easy, Medium, and Hard
• A matching game that integrates vocabulary and career identification
• Intuitive graphics: the player is asked to align three image segments to form a correct picture that matches a certain career
• Interactive feedback: when the picture is complete, the player “calls” the professional, producing an animated response from the character on the screen.

“We are very excited to turn our popular classroom career kit into an interactive iPhone application,” says Ross Vinograd, President of 'Kids Career Match: Who Do You Call?' is an opportunity to learn about the many different roles in our community and introduce the million dollar question: What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Check out a video walkthrough of 'Kids Career Match: Who Do You Call?' or download the app from the iTunes App Store for $.99; also, join the conversation at the official 'Kids Career Match: Who Do You Call?' Facebook Page.

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