New Link Redirect Script Can Boost Income of Affiliate Marketers By Preventing Commission Theft

A new redirect script for more effective affiliate link cloaking script could dramatically help to boost the commissions earned by affiliate marketers.

Online PR News – 15-February-2011 – – A new link redirect script now makes light work out of redirecting and cloaking affiliate links and its use could potentially double the earnings of some affiliate marketers.

A recent survey has revealed that many affiliate marketers, including, in some cases, some very experienced affiliate marketers, are losing 43-78% of their affiliate commissions because they are either not cloaking their affiliate links or are using free URL shortening services such as and which are ineffective for affiliate link cloaking. This leaves the door wide open for individuals to by-pass a marketer's affiliate link or in some cases, substitute their own affiliate link so that they can claim the discount for the product they purchase.

However, this is not the only way in which affiliate marketers can lose potential affiliate commissions when they use free URL shortening services. In most cases, the shortened URLs cannot be edited and this places an affiliate marketer at a distinct disadvantage should the affiliate product they were promoting be withdrawn. Any links to that product would become useless.

There are other drawbacks as well. These free services are abused by spammers. This lowers the credibility and trustworthiness of links shortened using one of the many free services available. The misuse of these services also, in some cases, results in their downfall. For example, has been out of service for quite some time because of this problem.

Also, major websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Craigslist and MySpace frown upon the use of these services and, in some cases, have blocked their use. In addition, many ISPs simply block them rendering much of the work done by an affiliate marketer in promoting a particular product or service a complete waste of time.

Using this new, easy-to-use and highly versatile redirect script, affiliate marketers can now securely cloak their affiliate links and track the performance of those links from one location. They can also edit the links as and when needed.

While it is possible to create secure affiliate links manually, it can be time-consuming and it does require some technical know-how. Part of the allure of the free shortening services is that you don't need any technical knowledge in order to use them. With this new link cloaking script a little technical know-how is needed to install the script but this can be done in less than 60 seconds and, once it is installed, it's very simple to use. In the words of one user:

"It is the easiest script I have ever used. Super simple to install and no need to deal with a database. In about 1 minute I was all ready to go."

If used effectively, this redirect script could dramatically increase the earnings of an affiliate marketer. And considering that, according to the Direct Selling Association (, the median income for an online business owner is only $2,420 per year using this redirect script could really help some affiliate marketers to take their Internet Marketing business to another level.

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