Multi-Monitor Desktop Mirroring

Actual Tools, a leading developer of multiple monitor software, has released a new version of their award-winning multi-monitor utility - Actual Multiple Monitors. The new version 3.1 introduces a powerful and flexible feature - mirroring.

Online PR News – 15-February-2011 – – Multi-monitor systems have various applications that sometimes require unusual tools and abilities. One of such situations is the setup, where one or more monitors are out of the user´s sight, so it´s impossible to see what happens on them. This can be a TV panel or video projector in another room, a display turned around to a client sitting opposite a client manager, a display in the sales area showing advertisement videos, and many other similar setups. There are two different needs in such situations:

1) see on the main display what happens on the out-of-sight displays
2) duplicate the required parts of the main display onto other displays

The new version 3.1 of Actual Multiple Monitors introduces a feature called Desktop Mirroring, which covers both needs. Mirroring lets you observe the particular part of desktop in a separate window called "mirror". The following types of mirroring are available:

- area around the mouse pointer: the mirror will display everything that is near the mouse pointer, i.e. the mirror image will "follow" the mouse pointer. This kind of mirror can be useful when working with a remote monitor, a low-resolution display, or an analog TV with a blurred image;

- window: the mirror will display the specified window, which can be placed anywhere on the desktop while the mirror image will stay;

- monitor: the mirror will duplicate the contents of a specified monitor. It is recommended to place the mirrored window onto a different monitor;

- arbitrary part of desktop: the mirror will display what happens within a specified area on the desktop.

Users can create as many mirrors as they want and run them at the same time, start and stop mirrors independently, and zoom the mirrored image in or out up to ten times. All of these features raise the multi-monitor management to a new level. Now it´s easy to clone the required image on as many monitors as needed or create mirrors for remote monitors and control their state sitting at a single desk.

Actual Multiple Monitors is a smart solution for multi-monitor setups. Besides mirroring, it provides numerous enhancements and tools right after installation, such as a taskbar on all monitors (with the support of modern Windows 7 features like Pin, Peek and Jump Lists), multi-monitor wallpaper and screen saver manager, desktop profiles, window management tools, and many others.

Prices and Availability

Actual Multiple Monitors runs on all Windows platforms from Windows 2000 onwards (including 64-bit editions) and costs $39.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please refer to Additional information on Actual Multiple Monitors, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, and a 30-day evaluation copy are available at the Actual Tools website.

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