Augmented Reality Browser: New Wikitude for the iPhone

Wikitude 6.0 sets new standards for AR Browsers – now live in the App Store!

Online PR News – 16-February-2011 – – Just in time for the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Wikitude has announced the next generation of the „Best Augmented Reality Browser 2010“ (Augmented Planet). From today Wikitude 6.0 is available for download on Apple’s App Store . Wikitude overlays the live picture generated by the smartphone’s camera with local information (categorised in so called content “Worlds”). The new user interface offers a customisable “Home Screen“, a full text search in all available Wikitude Worlds ( for example Wikipedia, Mobile Coupons, Twitter, Starbucks etc.) with over 125 million places worldwide. Wikitude World Browser is available for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3Gs. It is also available for the iPhone 3G and the iPad but without Augmented Reality, as the 3G doesn’t have a digital compass and the iPad doesn’t have a camera – yet.

Speed, personalisation and intuitive handling are the key ingredients of the Wikitude World Browser for the iPhone. As soon as the app is started, all available points of interests (POIs) in your surroundings are shown. The corresponding details of the POIs are subsequently downloaded in the background – a procedure that noticeably increases the speed of the app.

Of the more than 1000 Worlds available in Wikitude, the user can drag his favourite Worlds to the Home Screen, making them easier and quicker accessible in the future. The user is also able to rearrange these Worlds, very much like rearranging Apps on the home screen of the iPhone.

A search-function located in the top area of the Home Screen enables the user to perform a full-text-search through all available Worlds. The personalised search-function can also be moved to the Home Screen itself. “Sushi” fans or “WiFi” hunters for example will love this feature.

All delivered information is available in three different ways: in Augmented-Reality-View (information is overlaid on the real-time camera view, augmenting reality so to speak) as well as on a map or as a list. With the flick of one finger the user can move between the different options. While viewing the app in the list-mode or map-mode a small yet very useful compass needle points towards the next point of interest.

Wikitude: where reality and computer based information fuse
Wikitude obtains its current location via the Smartphone’s GPS signal, connecting the real world with the digital world. If the iPhone is aimed at a specific area, all information available about objects within the camera’s view is shown. A current study from ARChart has shown, that the market potential for these types of Augmented Reality Applications is estimated to be 2.2 Billion USD by 2015.

Mobilizy’s current software-products are Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser and Wikitude Drive. Wikitude Browser aggregates content and information from thousands of sources (e.g. Mobile Coupons, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia and many more so called “Worlds”) in the camera-view of a Smartphone. Wikitude Drive is an augmented reality based navigation system.

About Wikitude / Mobilizy GmbH
Mobilizy is an early pioneer in mobile augmented reality (AR) and the creator of the internationally renowned Wikitude World Browser for iPhone, Android, Symbian and Bada. Most recently Mobilizy has launched Wikitude Drive, the first AR navigation application with global coverage. Wikitude engages in the research and in-house development of location-based services and augmented reality experiences for smart-phones.

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