Poddely encourages children to make something new

Poddely, a portable, stimulating, ever-changing way for children to learn through free flow play, has been launched today.

Online PR News – 16-February-2011 – – Poddely, a portable, stimulating, ever-changing way for children to learn through free flow play, has been launched today. Transforming the way we look at Early Years and Primary education, Poddely is a brand new offering; it epitomises imagination, presents endless opportunities to children and delivers learning outcomes in a fun way without boundaries. Designed for both outside and inside use, Poddely comes with a handy, portable storage solution, as well as suggestions for projects to get everyone started.

Designed in collaboration with practitioners, researchers, designers and, most importantly, children, Poddely offers free-flowing, non-prescriptive play specifically designed for the educational needs of Early Years, KS1 and KS2 children. They can make a den. Or the longest marble run. Draw a masterpiece. They could even perform on stage, or train for the Olympics on an obstacle course! Poddely offers multiple ways for children to imagine, describe, make and learn.

Speculation about Poddely has been building up to the launch, with videos featuring children describing their experiences of testing Poddely released over the last few weeks.

According to teacher Jenny Barnett from Bedgrove Primary School in Aylesbury: “A group of children built a ‘bridge trail’ using Poddely and a range of other resources. The children experimented with how to best construct the trail discussing the merits of particular parts for height, sturdiness and safety. As they were building they were testing the safety of their structures using their hands and feet. They adjusted the structure as needed according to how much weight they could put on it. Once completed, the children devised the ruling ‘only one person on a plank at a time’. The children continued to adapt and extend the structure, introducing water and marble-runs over a number of days, always thinking of new ways to add features.”

The Poddely Sets consist of a variety of interchangeable components, enabling children to create anything they can imagine, with whatever they like. Poddely can be enjoyed as part of practitioner-led activity or by letting children design and explore during free play. In both scenarios, children can work together, promoting teamwork, co-operation, language development, reasoning, understanding and, of course, inclusion.

The Poddely website includes a user-generated content ‘in action’ section. ‘Poddely In Action’ includes examples to demonstrate the way Poddely has been used in schools around the country, providing a platform for sharing best practice and celebrating the achievements of the children. Teachers can simply upload photos and descriptions of their Poddely experiences and gain inspiration from how Poddely has been used in other settings.

James Collis-Pritchard, Poddely Brand Manager, says: “We are thrilled to have unveiled the full capabilities of Poddely today. With endless scope for how Poddely can be used across the curriculum, this resource offers boundless opportunities for children to unleash their imaginations and also achieve learning outcomes – a perfect combination!”

For further information on Poddely, visit http://www.poddely.com where you can watch a video of a Poddely in action.