Quality and Earth-Friendly Products Set Normerica Inc. Apart

The innovative company Normerica Inc. has a complete line of natural pet food products that will help your dog or cat live a long and healthy life. And all Normerica products are made with environmentally friendly packaging and manufacturing processes.

Online PR News – 17-February-2011 – – It's possible to offer your pet the best quality food and show your concern for the planet at the same time.

Normerica sells products from VitaLife. Made from Love. Naturally, which feature only the best ingredients and include no preservatives or harmful additives. VitaLife produces premium quality dog treats and other natural pet food products.

Whether it's Vita Life's chicken tenders, chicken chips, or their baked chicken and rice snacks, you know your dog will love the great taste. These delicious and wholesome snacks are a great source of protein, and they are low in fat! The chicken tenders are made with 100% natural chicken filets.
These all-natural quality products don't have any added salt, which can be harmful for pets as well as for humans. This can cause heart and kidney problems as well as high blood pressure. There is also no glycerin and sorbitol in any VitaLife products.

Glycerin is used in pet snacks to keep the food moist and to make them sweeter tasting. They can lead to digestive problems for your dog, however. And Sorbitol is an additive that also sweetens and moistens, as well as being used as a filler. It can lead to a number of problems like tooth decay, obesity, hypoglycaemia, allergies, and diarrhea.

Normerica offers other kinds of pet-related products that are designed to make caring for your pet easier than ever. These high-quality products include litter pans, pet transporters, feeders and drinkers, cat litter scoops, and pet bowls.

Specifically for dogs, Normerica also sells floor protection pads. For cats, there are three kinds of little that are available: scoopable cat litter, crystal cat litter, and pine cat litter.

Normerica takes its corporate goals and principles very seriously. Their stated goal is to enhance the well-being of pets, people and the environment with their earth-friendly, premium quality, and innovative products.
The innovations they pride themselves on include packaging, product development, food formulas, and merchandising strategies. They also take the subject of corporate and social responsibility very seriously. Besides the environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging, the company also values community involvement and product quality assurance.

Customer service is a top priority as well at Normerica. This means worldwide delivery and distribution, competitive pricing. And Normerica applies its principles internally. Employment within the company shows great attention to diversity, employment equity, competitive wages and good health benefits.
Normerica is also devoted to continuous innovation so that the very best research and knowledge can be applied to the products they sell.