GBG Introduces New Plan For Home Business Entrepreneurs

GBG has introduced a new compensation plan for its representatives that is unlike anything offered before by Network Marketing companies.

Online PR News – 29-April-2009 – – Tarzana, CA - GBG, a 14-year-old Network Marketing (MLM) company introduced a new pay plan for its representatives. This pay plan went into effect April 1st, 2009. GBG’s new pay plan or compensation plan is unlike anything that has ever been done before in the Network Marketing industry. It’s a paradigm shift in Network Marketing.

The focus of GBG’s new pay plan is on rewarding its representatives very well for gathering customers. Just for getting 2 customers who buy GBG’s $19.95 product on autoship, reps qualify for 20 levels of pay. The more customers they gather, the more they earn per customer in their organization.

GBG’s new pay plan is built on what is called in the MLM industry a 2x20 Forced Matrix. What that means is that a rep can only have 2 people on his/her first level. Any additional people he/she gets will spillover to the next level. This can create excitement among reps that can’t sponsor several people in a short period of time.

However, the innovative and perhaps the most exciting ingredient of GBG’s pay plan is their Pay Point™ system. Pay Points™ are additional business centers that GBG gives its reps for free every time they sponsor a new customer (after they have sponsored their 1st two). These free business centers go right above the newly sponsored customers. Also, each new Pay Point™ has its own 2x20 Forced Matrix. Thereby creating a situation where a rep can earn unlimited income. This Pay Point™ system is what makes the GBG pay plan very unique and lucrative. Once understood, it’s also especially attractive to serious builders or heavy hitters who are usually turned off by a Forced Matrix pay plan. The Pay Point™ system allows the heavy hitters to make unlimited income, while helping the average Network Marketers in their downline. As the heavy hitters sponsor large numbers of people to earn more and more Pay Points™, they create spillover that benefits the not-so-aggressive reps.

About GBG

GBG has always done things differently. The owner Stuart Finger has been a successful Network Marketer. But he was unhappy with the way Network Marketing companies operated. Stuart created GBG for the distributor, so that the average distributor can succeed and the heavy hitters can make as much money as they want because the average person is taken care of.

GBG’s new pay plan and its philosophy of wholesale pricing of high value and high quality nutritional products along with a free business opportunity are attracting many Network Marketers to GBG. It is also attracting those who have previously rejected the idea of Network Marketing, because it didn’t make real business sense. In addition, the strong recession we are in has caused many to reconsider having a reliable second income or a full-time income by having their own business. Many people are now looking at Network Marketing as a possible solution to their financial troubles that they are already experiences or may experience in the near future. GBG offers a way for people to create a full-time or part-time income for themselves without any investment.

Because of its unique and practical business model that makes business sense, especially during times of recession, GBG is well positioned to be the next MLM giant.

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