Provides Reality Behind Clooney's Goats

George Clooney's "Men Who Stare at Goats" opens in theaters November 6. Find out the truth behind this unbelievable tale.

Online PR News – 05-November-2009 – – Actor and movie producer George Clooney’s latest film "The Men Who Stare at Goats" opens in theaters November 6. Distributed by Overture, the movie spins a far-fetched tale about military experiments with remote viewing, psychedelics, staring at goats and psychic soldiers. “More of this is truer than you imagine” the filmmakers say.

The story and film focus heavily on the actual life work of (retired) U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon. Actor Jeff Bridges humorously portrays the flamboyant and charismatic Channon in his role as Lieutenant Colonel Bill Django.

Channon was a real combat commander in Vietnam who sought ways to make war dramatically less violent. Inspired by the ideas of advanced human performance and the human potential movement, he conceived of a new prototypical military force called The First Earth Battalion. Using his skill as a strategic visionary artist, he introduced these breakthrough ideas in an illustrated 150-page field manual entitled Evolutionary Tactics published by the U.S. Army in 1978.

“The manual was designed to have the look and feel of the ‘Whole Earth Catalogue’ which was popular at that time. It kick started a creativity movement in the army,” says Channon. “Post Vietnam was a time when the army needed a good dose of out-of-the-box thinking. Evolutionary Tactics and the First Earth Battalion were tools designed to help leaders imagine and develop extra-sensory modes of operation and more humane ways to approach warfare.”

Channon believes that paranormal sensibilities possessed by soldiers can increase survival rates on the modern and very complex battlefield. “The goal is to create combatants with a more advanced understanding of threats, allow for peaceful incursions into dangerous areas, and spare the lives of soldiers and civilians alike, “ he explains.

Channon’s vision for the militaries of the world is far-reaching and it includes the idea that they work in concert to address the environmental stresses on the planet in a program he calls ‘Operation Noble Steward.’

“We had a Marshall plan after WWII designed to rebuild Europe and Japan, and today we need something along these lines to recover the Earth’s biosphere,” says Channon. “I have been in the classroom with the future generals of the planet from eleven nations discussing just such a global operation.” contains the complete story of the First Earth Battalion with a detailed scope and history of Channon’s work.
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