Forward Thinking Leading Indicator System Is Launched

BluSignals has recently announced the launch of their leading indicator system. This gives traders and investors alerts before they happen in the market.

Online PR News – 16-February-2018 – New York City, NY – BluSignals has announced the official launch of their forward-thinking system of leading indicators. BluSignals is now available for traders and investors who wish to reduce risk while increasing their profits.

The inspiration of BluSignals is founded on the need from traders for clearly defined decision points based on forward-looking information. Currently, those trading and investing in the market mostly rely on lagging indicators and delayed-response tools to guide decisions for their portfolios. Traders and investors who use these tools are at a distinct disadvantage from those who possess a statistical edge from leading indicators that anticipate, rather than react, to key moves in the market.

BluSignals is designed with leading indicators and signals that alert traders and investors before the next move on the market. They have developed a formulaic approach that utilizes fractal mathematics and neural networks. Their system “senses” changes in the market before, or as they are happening, giving traders and investors the edge they have been looking for.

The BluSignals forward-thinking system of leading indicators offers a comprehensive approach for what traders and investors need to make logical and profitable decisions. The first module of the system is known as BluFractal which defines trends before they occur so traders and investors are positioned ahead of the curve. It accurately determines the near-term and long-term trends of a tradeable security with its forward-looking technology.

BluSignals’ next system of leading indicators projects pivot points generated by the BluNeural module, which uses an algorithmic formula in combination with a neural network. The technology determines the next pivot point, allowing traders and investors to beat the herd to each move in the market.

The BluQuant module is designed for those who are interested in clear entry / exit signals for stocks. BluQuant offers guidance with leading indicators for the best positions related to intermediate-term investing. The system uses trusted quantitative data models and proprietary algorithms developed by BluSignals’ experienced team of market professionals and data scientists.

The BluSignals system can be used as a stand-alone system, or as a compliment to most existing methods used by traders and investors. The leading indicators provide reliable results for stocks, ETFs, bonds, currencies and commodities. The system is an accurate tool that can be applied to securities, options, futures and binaries.

BluSignals is currently available to traders and investors with a 14-day free trial. They can sign up for this rare system of leading indicators by visiting BluSignal Systems.