Q4intelligence Expands Team with David Contorno as Agency Coach

David Contorno joins Q4intelligence as a coach, helping insurance agencies develop employee benefit strategies for their employer clients.

Online PR News – 16-February-2018 – St. Louis, MO – Q4intelligence, LLC, announces that it has added David Contorno to its coaching and advising team as it expands expertise in creative group health insurance and employee benefit strategies.

"Insurance and benefits agencies are facing challenges that are increasingly more complex and they need additional guidance and support to successfully manage these challenges," says founding partner, Kevin Trokey. "Seeing the needs and watching the trends, it became obvious that our next step in supporting independent agencies was to further develop this insurance focus and expertise to keep our agencies at the forefront of leading clients with creative benefits strategies. And to do that, we needed to expand our coaching bandwidth."

Contorno, a longtime member of the Q4iNetwork, has established expertise both with clients nationwide and within the industry as a leader and educator of innovative healthcare programs that benefit both the employer making the purchasing decisions and the employees as users of the healthcare system. Trokey notes that having him on the team will be a natural transition as agency members already call on him for his knowledge and willingness to help. "Having David as a part of the coaching team will be a great addition to the value proposition we offer agency members."

"The days of keeping our effective strategies close to the vest are done," says Contorno. "It's time we start to share, collaborate, and drive real value to our clients and their employees. The notion of "less bad" has got to go away. It's time we drive real reduction in costs and employee out-of-pockets for the good of ourselves, our clients, and even our country. The importance and impact of this cannot be overstated."

Contorno will continue in his role as a partner and sales leader at Lake Norman Benefits, a member of the Hilb Group, helping employers in his own practice. Using this day-to-day expertise, he will help members of the Q4iNetwork develop similar programs for their clients.
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