Co-Branded and Affinity Credit Cards in the U.S. makes important predictions and recommendations regarding the future of this market
11/05/2009 added a new report on "Co-Branded and Affinity Credit Cards in the U.S." which gives Opportunities and develop targeted promotion plans for co-branded and affinity credit cards in US.

Online PR News – 05-November-2009 – – Co-Branded and Affinity Credit Cards in the U.S., 3rd Edition

The market for co-branded and affinity cards is over two decades old. Issuers have worked to make payment cards more attractive to cardholders through value-adding initiatives such as rebates and rewards. This has been a major growth driver in the co-branded and affinity card space over the past few years, but there is some evidence that the pendulum has begun to swing in favor of proprietary bank reward programs. ( )

In the U.S., where the market for co-branded and affinity card is extraordinarily mature, experts interviewed by Packaged Facts estimate that between one quarter and one third of the plastic held by Americans are co-branded or affinity cards. And because co-branded and affinity credit, payment and debit cards have become such an integral part of the U.S. card industry, the growth of this market cannot be separated from the shift in consumer payment preferences from paper to plastic and electronic vehicles, and from the huge expansion in U.S. consumer indebtedness. Other forms of mobile payments, such as contactless cards, mobile phones and contactless watches are gaining traction.

As the U.S. market matures—and possibly plateaus—issuers are seeking new growth opportunities in Europe, Asia and other regions. However, there are wide variations in the extent to which consumers, issuers and merchant partners in the various national markets have embraced co-branding.

Scope of the Report

Co-branded and Affinity Cards Market in the U.S., examines how the market and players have changed over the past two years, and answers important questions including:

* What new products are co-branding partners offering?
* What new segments offer the most opportunity?
* How are international markets evolving?
* How are partners coping with the world’s grim economic realities?
* What is the best advice experts have to offer?

In addition, this report features the results of 2009 proprietary consumer survey, which explores co-branded and affinity card usage, front-of-wallet, most desired card features, channels and card information sources.

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