High Quality Jax Aerosol Products in Canada

Single Source Lubes is a leading company which provides high quality Aerosol products from Jax to industries all over Western Canada.

Online PR News – 12-February-2011 – – Canada: Single Source Lubes is a company located in Western Canada which distributes high quality Aerosol products to innumerable industries throughout Western Canada. The products distributed by company belong to JAX Inc, one of the well-known leaders in lubrication technology.

Some of the major Jax Aerosol products of the company include:

JAX100 - Power Pen

This is one of the major aerosol products distributed by the company. It is a high-performance lubricant which is environmentally friendly in nature.

JAX102 - Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lube

This lubricant is best suited for areas which require profound penetrating action in a lighter-colored lubricant. It is a foaming chain penetrating lubricant.

JAX103 - Battery Saver & Cleaner

It is another important type of lubricant which plays an increasingly important role of preventing rust and deterioration on old and new batteries.

JAX105 -Gear-Guard Synthetic Open Gear

It is a synthetic open gear lubricant which is water-resistant in nature. It is well-known for supplying the best film adhesion and the best wear defense.

All these aerosol products distributed by the company are helping industries all over Western Canada to a large extent.

Single Source Lubes is one of the leading Western Canadian distributors of better-quality food-grade and industrial lubricants from Houghton International and JAX Inc. throughout Western Canada. The products offered are of high quality. Excellent customer satisfaction, on-time services etc are some of the key features of the company.

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