I Detenhoff & G.Stieglitz To Explain Moontime Diary And Moon Calendar

It was believed that the stars, planets and moon have always had an influence in the human health and behaviour. Putting it in more specific terms lunar phases have been considered to have an influence on the behavioral and psychological functions of the human beings.

Online PR News – 05-November-2009 – – NSW, November 5, 2009 - “It was believed that anatomical parts could be governed by a specific planet or a zodiacal sign. Most people continue to hold this credence. Hence it becomes all the more essential for those peoples who have belief in this concept to know the moon phase diary, moon time diary and moon calendars. These ideas have descended from the most ancient concepts of old culture connecting man to the sky” says Ms. Detenhoff of moontimediary.com.au

“Moon time diary helps a person to lead a healthy and peaceful life by adjusting oneself to the natural phases of the moon. It features in helping us to choose the right moment to perform day to day activities like housekeeping and building, body care and lifestyle, gardening and so on. Recent forms of these diaries combine solar phases with moon phases thus making the work of tuning to the phases of moon easier”.

She continued that “Moon time planner is a form of calendar which shows the position of the moon. This is carried out throughout the year and hence helps us to choose the best time for building works all through the year. Certain jobs done at certain time yield excellent results than other jobs done at other times. These times are clearly pointed out in the moon time planner”.

Speaking on the move, Ms. Stieglitz said, “The Moon has two phases namely waxing and waning. During the waxing phase of moon due to lunar gravity the nutrients below the ground are absorbed to the surface level. These nutrients are absorbed easily by the plants and they grow at a faster rate during the waxing phase of the moon. During the waning phase of moon the nutrients and moisture are absorbed back into the soil. This phase is suitable for harvesting. Moon phase diary gives a clear picture of these changes in the phases of the moon and thereby makes the work of gardening more efficient with less effort”.

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