ACA & TMFF Presents Couture Fall/Spring 2018 Entertainment & Fashion Show Extravaganza

ACA & TMFF Couture Fall/Spring 2018 Entertainment and Fashion Show Extravaganza will take place on Sunday April. 8, 2018 3:00 pm

Online PR News – 10-February-2018 – Chicago, Illinois – We beckon you to escape with us, as we "Blast off taking you to 1434 South Laflin Street Chicago, Ill. 60608 April 8, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. at the Lavish Bethel Mennonite Community Church Family. This Event will be hosted by Pastor Tony Bianchi - And Bethel New Life Church Family.

The Fashion Show will feature Pure Elegant Haute Couture and Chicago’s finest entertainment. This event represents a return to elegance and style that is signature in Chicago. ACA and TMFF Fashion Show’s are opening new doors to creative and artistic fashion designers. Their collections are trendy but not faddish.
This event features the most creative and talented local fashion designers of couture. The designers have combined the latest technology with flawless elegance and impeccable aesthetics; form, color, and materials blend seamlessly to give the high-luxury and quality designs Chicagoans expect. The show, promises to be a stunning spectacle of eye-poppin’ colors and stylish one-of-a-kind pieces. This will be the premiere of Haute Couture Fashion at its best with a fusion of exciting entertainment. The show producers Darlene Demarcko, Mica Woods and Juntia Harvey are cleverly bringing together skilled hand-tailoring, quality entertainment in Chicago.

”The garments debuting represent an artistic statement from the designers without the limitation of mass production concerns,” says Demarcko.
”With our fashion shows we are experiencing a renaissance in the art of couture here in Chicago,” adds Harvey.

The Designers:
James Almond; Another special treat for the evening will be the visual transformation brought to you by Mr. James Almond. His style is a mix of art and couture with a fusion of the improvisational. James rarely plays it safe with contrasting images that create on the one hand decadence and on the other, refined glamour.
Mr. Almond will be launching his new high end line of medical scrubs (NUMANI), By “high-end” Mr. Almond says, he means a garment that has a perfect fit, uses innovative and refined fabrics and materials, lastly, does not look like the typical oversize scrub. Its a garment in which a woman can feel confidant and incredibly comfortable. A work uniform that is on par with the attire of women working in business offices (aesthetically speaking, sleek), but still mobile, stain resistant, and wrinkle resistant. The scrubs are also anti-microbial which is awesome because they won’t retain any bacteria that can grow in the material. Its truly a “designed” garment for nurses and health-care providers waring absolute best in the market.
The Prada of, scrubs if you will.

The show will also include Demarcko’s and Clendening latest glittering and dramatically-elegant signature Knitting/Stitching collection.. The garments are specially designed by Demarcko and Clendening own Compositions, they begun with the idea of “letting the customer create their own style to suit their own personality through there versatile designs. the fabrics and yarns that selected are comfortable, luxurious and beautiful. They give special treatment to their fine yarns of silk, merino wool and other fine blends. The yarns are knitted in a particular way to achieve a good construction and drape, and a good-hand-feel. The result of their special care is that their knitwear looks good on women of all sizes, from sizes 2 to 24. The products whether – separates, or an entire collection – work easily with favorites already in a woman’s closet.

Demarcko & Woods: also bringing their dreamy, colorful garment children line (TY jeans 07) to the stage with their special style of creations from young exotic fashions to younger, classy and conservative pieces while each garment remains a single work of art suitable for all children,

Harvey and Demarcko: also will make their line debut with their street rockin’ urbanwear will also be featured in a special segment entitled “CHUUCH FASHION", one of the most talked about concepts in the fashion circles.
The Evening:
2 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., Reception with hors d’oeurvres and beverages
3:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Entertainment and fashion show
The evening will be filled with an array of launching fashion lines, performances by professional dancers, singers, models, poets, and photographers: Raffle, silent auction, live entertainment, and A special ACA-TMFF themed fashion show. Fresh new faces on the catwalk this year:
This will be a unique event, All the models for the fashion show will be local individuals!

The models will be wearing styles from NUMANI, ACA and TMFF collections: This will be a special opportunity to experience why we do what we do—creating a community for people with @ risk youth and providing them with a social network.

Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 through unique fundraising events to obtain more space for our youth…TMFF, ACA and Pastor Tony Bianchi will continue to provide quality social and recreational events for our clients this year. That’s why your support is so important to TMFF-ACA Fashion Shows.

TMFF is a local 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that support all at risk youth and adults;
Special invited guests include: Featuring -Jazz Poet Frostee, Pigg (T.W.I.S.), Super Giant Entertainment, Inc. Mother Diva (FATGIRL ENTERTAINMENT, Global City Unity/ George Owens( Producer), Miracle & The God Seekers Mime Ministry, Kim Campbell, Guest Fashion Commentator/Comedians, Treeo Thompson, Singer-Songwriter, Lyricist and vocalists, Santana-G, MC, Lyricists and Songwriting, Catrina Clendening (Silent auction)and the Khoolaid-Mob
*Additional artists are expected to be announced:

* Admission: Free
*(Limited number of seats available, early arrival is recommended):
* To set up an interview with one of our designers please call 312/337-0280.
* Vendors booths are available:
* For more information on this event call (312) 421-3871
* Hosted My Pastor Tony Bianchi & Bethel Mennonite Community Church Family