Author Reveals a Boy's Co-existence with Death in Death's Drummer

Author Reveals a Boy’s Co-existence with Death in Death’s Drummer

Online PR News – 08-February-2018 – Redmonds, OR – Living in war denotes co-existence with death. It is one of those situations wherein the only ones that survive are the ones that know where they should be on the battlefields. In the literary world, many sources uncloak the series of events that have occurred during the many wars that the world has had, but author David S. Leonard pens a novel that discloses a story of a boy whose experiences growing up in war had led him to do something better rather than living in the bad memories that it brought to his life.

Death's Drummer introduces a character of a young boy who had grown up witnessing wars on countless battlefields leading his obsession with death. As he enters into his manhood, he becomes involved with a professional geologist whom he travels with, exploring and prospecting for gold and minerals. Being an amateur geologist leads him to remember his life as a young boy, as he finds himself losing those people that he considers as family. He becomes a constant witness to violence, losing those people that have made an impact in his life throughout his journey.

Leonard’s Death’s Drummer is an advanced dramatic literature that is relatable to every adult reader. It offers a story that people can reflect from, at the same time, it has details about the impact that every war brings. Co-existence with death does not necessarily imply hopelessness, readers should take it from a boy who survived his younger years and became a hero in his own ways. Every flip of the page is definitely worth reading!

About the Author:
Mr. Leonard was raised on the Great Divide on a remote Colorado ranch in the 1940's and 50's. His father died
leaving ten children. His mother--with the children's help--farmed the land, took care of the livestock and survived the terrible winters. Finally, she sold the ranch and took the children to Oregon where most graduated from college.

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