Los Angeles Cosmetic Gold Dentist Announces First world of Gold Dentistry Clinic

Los Angeles Pioneer Gold Cosmetic Dentistry offering gold fashion new look, Dental Implants, Smile Makeovers, BriteSmile, Gold Captek Crowns and Bridges.

Online PR News – 05-November-2009 – – Gold Fashion Dentistry with new technique is the answer to the old dilemma of dental work.

Dr. Joseph Hakimi is one the pioneer dentist with 24 years of experience in general dentistry, providing high quality long lasting dental procedures focusing using Gold as restoration of choice for most of the dental treatments.

Beautiful SmileDid you know Gold has been valued for its use in dentistry since the time of ancient Egyptions? Safe, durable, and pliable; no other material can offer all the outstanding qualities that Gold combines. In world of dentistry, Gold is the undisputed material of choice for long-term quality dental work.

Gold could be the most biocompatible agent used inside mouth because it fits better, it last longer. Gold expand and contracts at the same rate as your natural teeth. This protects your Gold restorations from chipping, cracking, while usually happens with porcelain, composite (white restoration). Body friendly, non-toxicity, smoothness, of Gold leads to healthier, less irritated tissue (Gum) around the restoration means greather periodontal health. As we age, this is a significant benefit.

Most People wants to get ride of mercury alloy ( Amalgam or so called silver filling), Gold is the most suitable restoration for back teeth where the need to be strong enough to withstand chewing pressure, saliva, and bacteria in your mouth- 24 hours a day.

Front teeth or smile line or where your teeth shows, Gold could be cosmetically unappealing. Good News is not many years ago world of dental Gold came with the idea of backing porclain to the Gold, from making single to multiple crowns, Bridges, even restoring implants which not only holds all the significant benefits of Gold restoration, but also the Captek Crowncosmetic need of people.

Good news: Captek Gold with stunning Esthetic and excellent tissue compatibility, a break through in nanotechnology, it provides life-like esthetics as well as strengh, no dark oxides to discolor the porclain and less accomulation of bacteria, consider the most long lasting dental procedure in 21th century.
Thanks to 21 Kart Gold