Bed Manufacturer Demonstrates Environmental Commitment Through Charitable Support of Tree Aid

EcoFurn is currently donating 10% of all proceeds to Tree Aid, a UK-based charity focused on improving forestry conditions in Africa.

Online PR News – 05-November-2009 – – EcoFurn is currently donating 10% of all proceeds to Tree Aid, a UK-based charity focused on improving forestry conditions in Africa. EcoFurn is an oak bed and cabinet manufacturer that is firmly dedicated to environmental awareness; consequently, the company seeks to increase sustainable practices throughout the globe. Currently, organisations funded by Tree Aid support environmental projects in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Ethiopia.

Tree Aid was established in 1987 with the goal of using sustainable approaches to improve communities in Africa’s drylands. Since that time, it has raised over five million pounds and assisted more than 300,000 people. Tree Aid works with governmental agencies and organizations, local community organizations as well as local, national and international non-governmental organisations. The charity fosters development of on-the-ground training in Africa to improve quality of life through forestry. Its vision is to ‘see thriving and self-reliant communities in Africa’s drylands.”

In many African villages, trees are crucial for people’s survival and needs. Planting and protecting trees has a positive impact on the environment and helps to alleviate poverty in these regions. The work fostered by Tree Aid includes helping villagers to plant and protect trees and better control natural resources. Villagers also benefit from local financial enterprises set up to profit from products made from trees, like shea nut butter, baobab flour and tamarind. Fruits from trees are an important local food source. Tatus Azure from the Community Nursery and Family Woodlots Project in Ghana stated, I have planted 150 cashew trees, 40 mangoes, 45 dawadawa trees, 35 cocoa trees and a couple of orange and calabash trees. Now I can feed my family. The money I earn from the extra fruits is enough to send my kids to school too.”

EcoFurn is dedicated to providing high quality oak furniture. The company’s dedication towards improving forestry conditions in the Sahel of Africa, through its partnership with Tree Aid, also make it a highly eco-friendly company. It should come as no surprise that uses a highly sustainable approach when it comes to its own beds. The “A” grade timber used in all furniture comes from well-managed plantations. Trees on these plantations are cut and replanted every 15 years. It is EcoFurn’s commitment to the environment as well as to quality that makes this company a popular choice for oak beds and cabinets.

About EcoFurn
Ecofurn is a bed manufacturer specializing in oak beds. The company donates 10% of all profits to TreeAid to encourage sustainable local practices in Africa. More information about EcoFurn and its commitment to Tree Aid can be found at