AmericaYouChoose Aims to Convince Congress to Post Bills, Pro and Con Arguments, to Gauge Public Opinion Prior to Voting
11/05/2009, is a new, non-partisan, web site that enables Congress to educate the public about looming legislation and collect feedback on public sentiment before voting.

Online PR News – 05-November-2009 – – AmericaYouChoose today launched, a non-partisan web site that enables Congress to educate the public about looming legislation and collect feedback on public sentiment before voting. Sponsors of bills post pro and con arguments at AmericaYouChoose, which are presented side by side in three parts: Overview, Main Argument and Rebuttal. Visitors can vote ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ in polls specifically designed to provide useful information to Congress. Thus, AmericaYouChoose better informs Congress of the will of the people prior to voting on legislation, and gives the public a stronger voice.

America’s founding fathers feared an uneducated electorate. With the dissemination and propagation of misinformation via the Internet, email and television, the average voter is often confused about the stance of their leaders on key issues. In fact, when AmericaYouChoose asked visitors to vote on the Baucus Health Care Reform Bill nearly half chose the option, ‘Confused: I'm not sure of the details.’ Too often facts fall prey to sound bytes and hyperbole.

Clearly, the public needs an unbiased and unfiltered forum through which both political parties can better educate the public. AmericaYouChoose facilitates Congressional transparency, arms politicians with feedback from the public prior to votes, and provides a conduit for communication between the people and Congress. But Congress appears to be in no hurry to provide such transparency, which is why AmericaYouChoose has started a petition drive to encourage Congress to present their case to the public by posting their pro and con arguments on AmericaYouChoose.

‘A while back I simply wanted to research Cap and Trade, but the days of Peter Jennings making the complicated understandable during his TV specials are over,’ said Scott Chaney, founder of ‘After visiting 10-15 websites, without finding a single source that could help me research both sides of the issue -- or even provide a comprehensive overview -- I took matters into my own hands and launched AmericaYouChoose.’

Recently on AmericaYouChoose, visitors were asked to vote on S.1796 , ‘America's Healthy Future Act of 2009’. The weighted vote (what the vote would be if the percentages of democrats, republicans and independents voting were in the same ratio as they exist in the general population) had 30% voting for and 70% against. Not surprisingly emotions are running high: 65% were strongly against while 20% strongly supported it.

Importantly, is not supported by any political party or lobbying groups. Registration is free, and the site does not endorse any political party or cause.

“AmericaYouChoose is an excellent forum for learning the pros and cons about the issues that affect our lives,” said Gary Williams, an airline pilot living in Kingwood Texas. “Finally there’s a way to get the facts on bills and provide feedback to Congress before they vote! I think this site will help make politicians truly consider public opinion.”

Why Congress Should Participate in

Single source of unfiltered information! Now the public can turn to one source for the facts provided directly by both parties on legislation.

Each party has total control over the message and information they present and can frame it for the people as they wish.

Raises the level of political discourse by emphasizing facts and honest debate over emotion and hyperbole.

Provides valuable feedback on voters, including data by state and district, so that politicians can see how those they represent voted.

Fuels effective advocacy by cultivating strong advocates for a position through facts and education.

Builds trust through transparency: posting on AmericaYouChoose reveals respect for honest debate instead of a hidden agenda.

Empowers constituents: by helping the public express its opinion on bills prior to votes Congress shows it values the opinion of those they were elected to represent.

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