How to Communicate With Your Search Engine Optimization Expert

Top New York search engine optimization firm defines key SEO terms for better communication between developers and website owners.

Online PR News – 04-November-2009 – New York, New York – “Search engine optimization has everything to do with communication,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a New York website development and search engine optimization firm with clients across the country. “It’s about communication between a website and the major search engines, and communication between website owners and their search engine marketing consultant.”

Crisafi says that to achieve this level of communication, there are key terms that every website owner should know when talking to a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant.

When developing a search engine marketing plan, Crisafi says it is all about tags. A good SEO specialist will analyze the existing content of a site; create a comprehensive keyword list; and formulate a plan to use SEO techniques.

“Once the full plan has been mapped out, keywords and terms will be placed within the text of the webpage,” says Crisafi. “In addition, these words and terms will also be placed within the hidden codes of the website so that the site will better communicate with the search engines.”

According to Crisafi, knowing the following terms can help website owners better understand what a professional SEO expert is talking about when they discuss an SEO plan:

Keywords Meta Tag – This is a hidden HTML code within a website that lists the keywords used on a particular page. The purpose of this tag is to assist search engines in finding the keywords on a particular page.

Description Tag – This tag provides a short description about the page.

Long Tail Keywords – SEO plans involve the use of single keywords or short phrases. Short phrases are known as long-tail keywords. Such phrases may not offer high search engine placement, but will shine in more focused searches.

“Search engine optimization is an art and can only be achieved by competent professionals,” says Crisafi. “Unfortunately, many website owners want to be involved in their company’s SEO plan. Knowing the language is the perfect start.”

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