Siborg Systems Inc. Offers New Multipurpose Tester for Surface Mount Technology

LCR-Reader-MP offers users a higher basic accuracy of 0.1% and more features including oscilloscope mode, LED, Diode, Voltage and current measurements

Online PR News – 04-February-2018 – Waterloo, Ontario –

The new LCR-Reader-MP is Waterloo, Ontario based Siborg Systems Inc. newest offering in fast and highly accurate SMT testing tools. This device offers the most features and highest basic accuracy out of all of Siborg’s tweezer based testing tools.


Akin to its predecessors LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers, LCR-Reader-MP is a fully automatic LCR- and ESR-meter with tweezer probes and a multimeter in a lightweight device. When users grasp a component between the gold-plated tweezers, the device will automatically determine the type of component and best test parameters before measuring with a 0.1% basic accuracy. All measurement values, including secondary values (ESR), test parameters and component type are instantly displayed on the backlit display on the device. []


The LCR-Reader-MP has the widest range of measurement modes available including diode/LED testing, oscilloscope mode, frequency measurements, AC/DC voltage testing, signal generation and more. Most importantly, the MP has the ability to test with 100 kHz frequency, which allows for 1 nH resolution when measuring inductance and 0.01 pF for capacitance measurements.


The oscilloscope mode is able to analyze waveforms with frequencies up to 100 kHz on active PCBs and is exceptionally useful with Siborg’s Kelvin Probe Connector kit. Thi kit is a shielded two-wire connection with 5 different attachments for the task at hand. It turns the LCR-Reader-MP, Smart Tweezers or LCR-Reader devices into a full probe station capable of measuring waveforms at various nodes on the PCB.


The LCR-Reader-MP’s ‘Large Capacitance’ mode is able to measure large capacitances up to 680 mF. The device will automatically reduce the test frequency to 25 Hertz which allows for reasonable accuracy. Electrolytic capacitors are measured at 120 Hertz with the ESR values measured at 100 kHz according to regular electrolytic capacitor test conditions.


Features on LCR-Reader-MP:
- Automatic and manual LCR, ESR, LED/Diode measurements
-0.1% basic accuracy
-Current measurements
-Oscilloscope Transient Voltage display up to 100 kHz
-Frequency, Pulse Period, and Duty Cycle measurements
-Two test signal level, Automatic Test Signal Reduction to 0.1 V for in-circuit measurements
-Active and reactive impedance component display
-AC/DC voltage measurements
-Test frequencies of 25, 100, 120 Hz, 1,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, and 100 kHz
-Signal Generator with SIne, Triangle and Rectangle pulse shapes
-2 oz. weight
-Li-Ion battery with micro-USB charging
-Large embedded backlit display
-Jog-wheel navigation
-NIST Traceable calibration


Recently, Siborg has sent the device for testing at Navair Technologies in Toronto, Ontario; their results allow Siborg to be able to issue NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates for every device. Siborg also had MP FCC Certified.


Some downsides to the device include high test signal source resistance of 1 kOhm and a moderate test signal level of 0.65 Vrms. This is higher than the original LCR-Reader but lower than Smart Tweezers’ 1 Vrms. The low test signal level may not give accurate capacitance values and may not be reliable enough for some ceramic capacitors.


Siborg’s online store and Amazon sales channels in Canada, USA and Europe offer a range of SMT testing devices, including:
-Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT: a Bluetooth enabled Smart Tweezers device that is able to remotely send and receive data to computers and dedicated apps on iOS and Android. []

-LED Test Tweezers can test LEDs and other small components; can also be connected to multimeters to be used as tweezer-probes with the included cable.

-LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers Task Kits are devices with included accessories and parts.

Visit the LCR-Reader Store online to see all of Siborg’s offerings. []