topseos Announces Launch of Two New Rankings Categories for PPC Bid Management Software and Affiliate Marketing Services
11/04/2009 has announced the launch of two new rankings categories, PPC Bid Management Software and Affiliate Marketing Program Management services.

Online PR News – 04-November-2009 – – The internet marketing is an ever-expanding industry. With new companies being added daily, the need to need to help businesses find proven companies is becoming greater. With the fast expansion of the industry, looks to adapt to the needs of the business community. Business trends have shown that there are some new categories previously not ranked by topseos that businesses are looking to the independent authority on search to know more about. In response to these business trends, topseos is launching two new rankings categories as of October 2009.

Pay Per Click Bid Management Tools
Pay per click bidding is where businesses bid cost per click (CPC) rates to appear on search engine first page results. The pay per click bidding process can be a complicated one. How do you know that you getting the best return on your investment? To ensure such results would normally take either outsourcing the work or dedicating someone within your organization to that process. However, with the current economic difficulties, the ability to automate processes and use resources most efficiently is becoming a necessity to survive. Pay per click bid management software allows businesses to automate much of this process, and focus human resources on other areas of need.

Affiliate Marketing Services
Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site or to obtain leads. Fees are based on either a cost per click (CPC) basis or a cost per acquisition (CPA) basis. Affiliate marketing program management companies build programs that meet the needs of businesses. They then market that to advertisers through connections and affiliate marketing networks. The program manager duties are then to maintain the program, continually drive improvement of the program based on results, and to make sure click fraud or other poor affiliate marketing practices are not being employed.

topseos has been continually expanding its analysis of the internet marketing industry since 2002. The independent authority on search evaluates and ranks the best companies in the internet marketing industry. Each of the companies that made these lists had to go through a rigorous evaluation process that looks into each firm’s performance. It is important for to properly gauge each of the firm’s depth of knowledge, return on investment and, most importantly, their drive for overall customer satisfaction.

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