Virtual Application Servers Look To Facilitate The SaaS Boom

A Virtual Application Server is the web hosting industry's latest tool in the arsenal needed to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) without the limitations previously constructed by less-than-capable hosting solutions as Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Hosting Plans.

Online PR News – 29-April-2009 – – Recent accepted wisdom in the industry has been of the general consensus that web hosting solutions have been holding back the progress of Software as a Service. Will Sturgeon of touted SaaS as the next growth industry and expected it to grow “from five per cent last year to accounting for 25 per cent of new business software revenues by 2011.”

However, Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Hosting Plans have not been able to match the speed of service required by clients offering SaaS. Client's have been unable to predict the demand for their software and have needed the potential to add disk space, bandwidth and storage capacity at the drop of a hat.

James Mayfield of Michigan Colocation experts Utropicmedia Global Solutions touts the new Virtual Application Server as the answer to these increasing demands:

“Up until now, the software industry has been outgunning the web hosting industry, particularly when it comes to managed servers and server colocation. By offering Software as a Service, our clients have had trouble predicting the demand for their services and came to us with requests for upgrading that needed to be handled as fast as possible but also in a safe manner, with all the disaster recovery elements required. VAS can easily handle such juggernauts as Apache Tomcat, Sun Glassfish and Microsoft Sharepoint.”

In response, Utropicmedia Global Solutions can now offer the speed and security required from this intensive industry by way of their Virtual Application Server.

Mayfield continues: “Not only are these VA servers scalable on demand, they can be managed out-of-house with a complete pre-audited system which knocks even more time off the upgrade and redeployment time.”

On the face of it, Virtual Application Servers seem to have caught up with the software industry's rapid progression. The coincidence of the technological advancement may well see Sturgeon's prediction come true in the near future. One thing's for sure and that is the SaaS developers will be chomping at the bit.